PSALM 2:7 I will proclaim the LORD’S decree: He said to me “You are my Son. Today I will become your Father.”

Hello friends, brothers, sisters!
It has been a whirlwind of a week, insignificant me (beyond my being a temple of the living Christ) coming to know Truths new to MY being but of course timelessly true, growing and being stretched by Him to points of such joy and also absolute exhaustion.
On Thursday, I forgot to blog. For the first time in a year and a half, I FORGOT to blog. 
My posting is stringent, laid-out– those of you who subscribe and follow my page know that. I write Monday-Thursday. I plan. This is a suitable and perhaps even expected layout for a successful blog. But the construction of specific posts so “Cassie” and with little leeway for the Spirit’s intercession– in other words, basically an agreement that says “I am going to blog these days about these things– is unhealthy and not glorifying, I realize. Rather, it feeds in to my type A personality; my want to have everything in neat little controlled box. Ha.

GALATIANS 3:22 But Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith inJesus Christ, might be given to those who believe.

Truth. Baaam.
Forgetting to blog led to praying about the blog. Today, I worked out a new layout for it just for fun– the randomness of which is not often in my nature.
But such randomness has been such a theme of the past few days.
My Christmas was beautiful. I have partaken in the same traditions since I was young, but of course the Holy Spirit at work drew me to the Cross as I reflected on my Saviour’s birth… His vulnerability to coming to us as a baby, as Johnny’s brother talked about reflecting on… His plan to grow and dwell perfectly within Jesus, our perfect Saviour, Redeemer, and King.
And, Johnny came to most of them, and I to some of his Christmas traditions. Which was special in a melancholy, but also new and renewing way. He gave me one of the most meaningful, thoughtful, and helpful gifts I’ve ever received, complete with a poem and explanations of the gifts and how he saw them fit for me.
Lord, oh Lord, more each day I am reminded of how little I deserve you… how weak I am without you… how EVERYTHING You are. 
The past few days, I have eaten more freely than I have since I was ten years old. I am saying that with conviction and evidence; of the Lord’s intervention, drawing me to Him so that I might lay down the laws that serve the enemy’s kingdom.
Bam. I ripped them up.  
The Lord led me to a position and to servants of His Kingdom that humbled me to a point of understanding my own pride and weakness more clearly. Of understanding my dire need for a Saviour. And in that, taught me the extent to which I’d been abiding by rules of another king and to rip them up in His name SO THAT He might give me a true testimony of His goodness. So that I might never again use His name in vain, oh Lord I pray.
Since then, life has looked different. I have been more aware than ever of the spiritual battle. I have more deeply longed for my Lord. I have exhaustively rebuked Satan’s attempts and even my own mentalities surrounding food– ultimately DEAD.
This has shed so much light.
And so,
This blog may look and feel and be quite different moving forward. Or perhaps not so much. It may be put on hold. It will sometimes carry untruths when my human self gets in the way of the Spirit– but it will look to the Lord first. And it will glorify Him through His Spirit and not trying might of my own. And it will likely sometimes just be fun recipes and I will eat the food I create and report to you. And in any documentation I pray always just more of Jesus.

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