Today is my boyfriend’s 21st birthday. 

And tomorrow I see him for the first time in four months.
I thought I would use the opportunity of his birthday to talk about my awe in some of what the Lord has done in our relationship for His sake.
Since we’ve been apart, Johnny and I have grown closer and our relationship has thrived and we’ve both been brought to more peace even than we had when he left. When we have had doubts or concerns or struggles, we brought them to the Lord, then to each other, and continuing in Christ. Both of us able to love each other so well because of God’s hands and work to draw us closer to HIM.

We’re both busy; we both thrive off it, and just allowing God to use us expectant of His greatness and Kingdom. This distance has proven our lack of codependency on each other, ultimately our dependancy on God and knowing that He is the only One we need. As God has done incredible things in and through me and the people around me this semester, I have heard about and testify toHis Spirit so at work in and through Johnny and people at Providence. Because the Lord’s eternal grace and praise is our centre– thanks be to Him!– I feel blessed that We have been able to have so much joy for each other’s servitude; while of course missing each other. A lot.
Which is why I can’t put to words how excited and anxious I feel in every part of me just to be with Johnny tomorrow. I am praying over our time together that God uses it and keeps us just running toward Him. I would be so weak, am so weak, without His Spirit amidst this distance, but by His ever-flowing grace I am smiling.
This morning I left my phone at home and ventured through a ton of snow to the Starbucks by my university to study study study. The only available spot was the table Johnny and I had our first date at, over a year ago.
I thought back to that date, thought about how much peace and excitement and fun I had even then, and how far we have come in growth with each other and for the Lord in a small year. 
Our relationship is His, and I feel like such a blessed girl that He has led me to this one.

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