Oh man. I am busy 24/7. And I love it. I thrive off business, I thrive off people and adventure, and that has been my life each day this semester and I feel so blessed.

This morning I woke early like usual so I’d have enough time for Bible study, coffee, and breakfast. And I had two pieces of organic barley raisin toast, one with pb2 and apple, and other with a poached egg. Ouf, it was delicious. I enjoyed it and was hungry for it, praise the Lord!

I got ready for the day and headed off to Bible class. Today’s lecture was on the gospels and Paul, and it was great as always. I had planned to stay at the school after the class to work on a paper, but the three hour lecture actually left me hungry! I wasn’t about to deny my body, so I walked home, running some errands on the way, and made what I felt like for lunch: a big bowl of baked oats with dates and peanut butter– it was so delicious!
I spent several hours on my paper, catching up with Maddie and cleaning the house a bit too, when I knew I needed a break. I headed to the gym as I was feeling antsy, and it really woke me up and I had tons of energy for it. I just did a weighted workout, which was good.

A health update will come after the doc’s this Monday, because I honestly have no perception of where I am physically or even mentally.
I headed back to the books– back to my paper, running into Johnny’s best friend Taylor, who made my day. Finally done my paper, I headed home in the snow and made dinner: a chicken breast with carrots and pb2 and a big bowl of goat’s Milk yogurt. Sounds so random, but it is all so good! I enjoyed this sporadic meal with tea and hung out with Laura quickly before our dance class, which was fun and challenging as always! Kevin called me afterwards and we had a supposed 5-minute turned 45-minute phone call/vent session. Kevin is so spiritually led to advocating the absurdness of women “not allowed” to be pastors, and how this goes against everything we know and that is important about the way the Holy Spirit works. He has had this on his heart since the day we met, and all my conversations with this sir are so centered and prayerful and funny. Kevin is the big bro I never had.

Today is my beautiful friend Emily’s birthday, and I got to hang with her for a bit this evening after dance too. She is such a light in my life and a light of the Lord– and yesterday she sent me this:

Today I also am missing Johnny. Rejoicing in our Father’s goodness and affirmations through this distance; crazy can’t wait to see him soon.

Overall, what can I tell you? God is so good. He is bringing peace and joy where there should be anxiety I my life, 

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