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no make-up really gross hair kinda day because #paperwriting

Today, I was challenged to forgo oatmeal of any kind.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

This morning, on my blog, I mentioned this challenge, but I didn’t mention who challenged me.
Because it was me! More accurately, the Word. More accurately, the Lord. Because in prayer today I had this revelation that will seem so common sense and strange to all of you but what to me was actually pivotal: Um, I don’t just have to eat oats and bodies have run off other foods thank you very much. 
Now, I have also learned that there’s nothing wrong with having a standard go-to breakfast. Food shouldn’t be emphasized at the very same time as it shouldn’t be feared. But that is the point: it has been both emphasized and feared in my life.
And so I ventured into uncharted waters, brewed my morning coffee (note: that is a ventured water 100%), and toasted two pieces of barely toast and had them with two hard boiled eggs for breakfastand I enjoyed it.

I can say that I ate this with no fear. In fact, with a smile.
I got ready for class and headed out the door with Mary and Maddie to our Wednesday AM Bible class, which was great as usual. After class, I went to the school library for a few hours where I worked on papers and ate a snack of a quest protein bar.
I headed home for a late lunch, where I also got to catch up with Maddie. I talked with her in the kitchen and munched on big carrots and was able to focus on our conversation without worry. Praise the Lord! For lunch along with the carrots I made a biiig bowl of goat’s Milk yogurt with pb2, and I had organic chicken sausage. Weird cravings, but chalk full of macronutrients. And I can genuinely say that they were cravings, and I enjoyed the food. It all left me very full, though. And I know this means I need to keep increasing!
I headed back to the library to meet my beautiful friend Jacqueline, and we caught up over tea before studying together. I can honestly say that I have never related to a person’s brain more than Jacqueline’s in my entire life. In spirituality, maturity, sense of humour, quirks, drive, we are so similar and often say the exact same things over top of each other. It’s one of the coolest and most wonderful friendships ever and I’m so grateful for her. She entirely made my day today!
I headed back home to make dinner before dance. I was going to stay on campus, as I had this tiny voice saying just skip dinner, but nope nope nope, not this girl.
I wanted to have oats. The disorder wanted me to have oats, rather. I thought I was going to have oats, but I didn’t. 
I made my new homemade recipe for chickpea sweet potato soup. It hit the spot and also really filled me up! Again, I know I need to keep getting used to food.

Food is for the stomach and the stomach for food, and God will destroy both one and the other.

Officially less than a month till I get to see this one who is deep into noshaveNovember and forever looking😍

Today in scrolling through my old blogs, I found a #WIAW from the first day I ever talked to Johnny, almost exactly one year ago. Haven’t been plugged in that long? Check it out here.
When I was eating dinner tonight, the Lord put something so massive on my heart: I haven’t been praying for meals. Before I eat, sure I thank Him somewhat, but I don’t truly sit down and take the time to listen to His Spirit and allow Him to fill me. When I’m not faced with food, it’s so much easier for me to fix my eyes on Him… but He is equally present when I’m eating. Ah, the devil just thinks he’s taken over when food is present. This is not okay with me.
Thank-you, Lord, for nourishment. For food that I know is a blessing but that the devil doesn’t want me to see as such. Fill me with your Spirit, Heavenly Father, that I might see this more through Your eyes and approach food with a Kingdomly mind. Amen.
I am off to dance class now to unwind, and later tonight for tea with a wonderful friend, Emily, who texted me this:

Morning Blessing: May the Holy Spirit detoxify your soul! May He show you what needs to go so He can strengthen you for the road ahead. May you get a glimpse of His plan for you; just enough to inspire you to make the necessary changes, take the necessary steps, and grab a firm hold of His promises. May you be willing to do something different so you’ll be ready and equipped for this next place of promise. He’s got a new chapter ahead for you. May you care enough about your story to leave the lesser things behind. You’re so precious and important to Him! Blessings on your day today.

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