However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. ACTS 20:24
Johnny and I had a wonderful talk last night about some tough stuff but that was just wonderful because of Christ. 
Solidifying a lot of what I already know and what had been on my heart a lot.
All of ME WANTS to be all the Lord’s. WANTS and desires Christ’s full Spirit, everything He has. The enemy has worked to block some of that off. That doesn’t mean that the Lord can’t completely in one second obliterate that– He can, oh man of course He can, He can do ALL things and far greater things. But His will is often in processes, and He provides resources, support through His Spirit that should of course be prayed on, and endless compassion. 
This morning when I woke I did more study in Acts before my awesome Bible class. 
I always wake up really early, as I love mornings, I eat breakfast in bed every day (kind of my thing) with coffee in a cozy sweater doing my study. The temp in my house is always just right… and waking up extra early is my only chance in the day that doesn’t have scheduled work. This has been a wonderful thing, as the enemy often whispers, You’re disgusting. How could you choose to wake up earlier JUST to eat breakfast? You could easily skip it.
But I choose to wake up early through my Lord Jesus because I need time with Him, specifically just with Him. Because He requires that, at a very minimum, of me. And it is the best part of the day in many ways.
Any way, this morn I made my coffee humming worship music and made a big breakfast: giant amount of oats with peanut butter, cacao, chopped apple and banana. I also chomped on another carrot (see yesterday’s post) I think because the victory was what had tasted so good.

Maddie, Mary and I headed off to our 9am Bible class, which was great and so informative as usual. I love this prof! 
Maddie, Mary and I had great talks and just enjoyed each other’s company all morning. After class, I had just a little window before heading to work. I packed a giant chopped cucumber with peanut butter, and ate it before work with a soy cappuccino for obviously just a small lunch. I’ve been finding that having such small amounts of time to make food leaves me panicky and therefore often more succeptible to eating less– I have been making up for it, though. I drank plenty of tea through the shift, which was so wonderful today! I always love being at work and the opportunities for communicating with people. 
After my shift, I headed home knowing I needed dinner and feeling hungry for it! I have so much in me that feels like a GOOD source that really just wants to be stronger. Knows I need to be and knows that means resting for now SO THAT I’m able to work out again. 
I made dinner when I got home with only a bit of time to eat it; I had some of a sweet potato, chicken, and broccoli and green beans, knowing I’d need more before bed. But heading to dance class straight away, I was very full and uncomfortable. Increasing my food has needed to be slow and steady, but I am working to full recovery amounts and will soon be doing so with the help of a doctor as well. 
Dance class was great, and I am working so intently on regaining some flexibility! My wonderful friend Laura is in the class and she always instantly brightens me.

On my walk home from dance, an old man was standing at a corner in the freezing cold with a bubble machine blowing bubbles. I smiled my head off as I popped a few, so encouraged by the man’s grace and lightness. “You have a beautiful smile!” He said, “That’s why I do this– because people should smile more!” It was so wonderful. I smiled all the way home and ate my snack— a bowl of full fat (!!!) goats milk yogurt with peanut butter. And a cheeky vanilla rooibos tea😉.
I have tons of studying to do all night, but not before Maddie and I sat together in prayer for each other, for wisdom, and I love witnessing the Lord growing her, steadfast that she has the words and is so intent on knowing Him and in prayer. Thank-you, Lord, for Maddie. Thank-you for this home that is yours. Thank-you for food and all your victories today. 

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