Hello All! 

“The reality of the Lord’s presence, now and forevermore, outshines any fantasy you could ever imagine.” –Jesus Calling

I woke up this morning at my dear second family’s house with Maddie saying Happy Birthday and tons of beautiful well wishes on social media. Feeling so blessed and grateful in every sense. Praising my gracious and loving Lord! 

The girls and I had stayed up the night before, + Kevin, talking about practically everything. Kevin and Kathryn both have so quickly become like family. For the incredible story of their coming into my life, head here

Johnny stayed up to send me beautiful messages and share a song with me. We talked about the depths of our hearts and it was such a blessed way to kick off my day. I love this man so much!

In the morning, Kathryn and Kevin’s parents had a beautiful card and the devotional Jesus Calling as a birthday gift for me. What a blessing! This family has been nothing but welcoming and beautiful and gracious since I have met them. God is so good!
We then met up with my beautiful friends Cassia and Laura and Bethany for breakfast at my favourite cafe, Seven Shores. I had oatmeal with apple and almond butter and it was perfectly delicious alongside my Americano.

Time at breakfast was so nice and I read from the devotional for today’s date before the meal. I felt pride in Kathryn for trying her best with her food, witnessed the work of our Lord all morning! Blessed by great friends.

A few of us wandered uptown after breakfast, shopping and chatting and laughing, and then Maddie and I headed to Starbucks where I got my free birthday drink (venti soy unsweetened extra water extra foam brewed chai tea latte… oh no, I’m one of those white girls). I ran into one of my pastors, Brandon, and he served as such a light for the Lord in our talk! And Maddie was such a constant beautiful sister through the whole day. 

I also found out that one of my beautiful friends, Kira, had her son Jace today! Welcome to the world, beautiful baby. 
In the midst of today in all senses, the truth of the importance of legitimate, 100% prayer, like just being with Jesus in worship and listening and conversation, continued to be on my heart. And as Maddie and I were talking and I told her I’d keep her recent worries and all that she was expressing in my prayers, the Spirit strongly instead urged me to prayer with her and, duh, acknowledge and converse with and worship the Spirit right then and there. And it was so good and the aftermath and duringmath and ultimately just the Lord has shown me in the past months that importance, although it is a daily death that I fall more in love with each day.
Maddie got me a framed photo of us and a beautiful cross necklace! And such a gorgeous card. Man, what a gem of a sister I get to live with!
So many beautiful messages reminding me of my life and duty to accountability in recovery. 
And in and through my Lord I ate really well tonight. At dinner with my beautiful family, I had a jambayla with mussels, and my first legal drink 😉 of a cold brew martini. 
I had a multi minute wave of disordered thoughts about the drink. A ton of anxiety when it was delivered. 3 oz of alchocol… at least xxx cals… how could you do this, you’re losing control…
No ed, I’m gaining control. I am surrendering control to the only one who can have it, and that is Jesus Christ. And in the midst of wanting to curl up in a ball and cry, nearing a panic attack just before dinner, I said instead– the Spirit interceded–
Shall we pray? 
And I ate my jambayla and drank my martini.

My parents bought me a beautiful diamond ring and bracelet and my sisters got me thoughtful cards and mugs and Krystal a day for the two of us coming up. It was a beautiful evening with my family! 

Heavenly Father, thank you for leading me to You for your glory and to your goodness. Thank you for sitting here beside me now and being present even when I ignore you… forgiving and loving me when I do… you are a good, good father. Here is to more days of honouring you in whatever way you see fit. I am excited, expectant, and in love with your plans!

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