How much He wants us… how much He clearly pursues our hearts… isn’t that overwhelming?

Tonight I went for dinner with a girl named Jacqueline. And I felt like I met my soul sister in her.
The past few days have been a source of stress for me, in a few ways. Sick and infected and injured, feeling blocked from producing His righteousness around my family… NEEDING my Father. And my Father, of course, knew far more what I NEEDED than I.
Last night, on a whim, Maddie and I went to Creekside church for a worship night. For humbled worship and a life-giving word on the fact that “it’s not about what we do, but who we’re doing it for.” In submission to His Spirit, I’m going to be living life for Him and recognizing His Holy self as the ultimate source of truth and love.
In the process, I ran into SEVERAL beautiful friends of mine… Jess, a girl I worked with only briefly at Starbucks before she moved but became close to… her friend, Catherine, another Starbucks barista and Catherine’s brother Kevin, who I’ve had such godly conversations with… twice. And even a few people from my high school. I chatted with the pastor after the service as well. Again having such genuine conversation was so welcomed in my heart, and Maddie and I had the opportunity as well.
Today, meeting with Jacqueline– a girl who is a friend of the magnificent and often talked about on my blog JOSEE, who is a friend of my wonderful boyfriend JOHNNY– felt like reconnecting with a long long sister.
Oneness in Spirit is the only way to summarize it. And man, I am looking forward to more times with this beautiful girl!
I feel so blessed and as I continue to be in communion with the Father He continually directs my writing and blogs to sharing these good works of His… I’ll have a thought that, Oh, next blog post I’ll share a recipe or talk somewhat about food or godly eating in some sense but the Spirit is urging otherwise in, There is a time and place and this isn’t it. You’re not wise in a headstrong place in that regard right now and indeed share the help you receive in my name but the food part, I don’t fully have you there right now. I love you and I’m here but continue to give this up to me.
So for now, in my ramblings on this little page– tonight, anyway– I felt called to share this GOOD NEWS in my awakened sense of His pursuing me and seeking me out, teaching and nurturing my heart since I was a little girl that He, my Lord and Saviour is the source of all passion… my reason for life… who I continually give myself over to. And tonight, at least, I don’t have desire to write about too much else…

We may have those 10 seconds of worry, but there is always peace. In knowing He’s great. He has a plan and He is all-powerful. Nothing surprises Jesus Christ. Not that, I’m all good, He loves me no matter what so I’ll just do whatever I want, but that, I’m all good! He has SHOWN me He loves me NO MATTER WHAT– woah– and so in knowing that I am weak and He is STRONG, I have no desire but to serve and submit myself to His will in all that I do! 

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