Oh my word, what a beautiful day this has been! I feel so much joy as I think about all God has been working through merely in the past year of my life. He is a wondrous Lord and indeed I feel continually humbled to boast in my weaknesses and trials in order that He might be seen, because everything good and meaningful in my life has come from Him.Here are some key points right now.
Non-Judgement. I have always considered myself a very non-judgemental person. With that, I have struggled with people pleasing. Saying what I know a person wants to hear, sometimes in critical moments when it’s going against something core. I know how wrong that is and feel blessed to be living with upstanding Christian women, all of us holding each other accountable. 
With that, I am blessed by my friend Beth, who shared the following writing with me by Lisa Terkeurst:

My Weight. I was looking through photos from earlier in which I thought I looked too thin. 

And I realized… since these photos were taken, I have lost another 8 pounds. My body is currently nearing its lowest. Sometimes I need to see it to believe it and so I took pictures and saw. And it isn’t good. The deception is coming at me full force, as I don’t even feel weak or tired. I don’t get hungry, I have no interest in eating food, and my energy is continually going to praising my Saviour! But this needs to end. The Lord has perfect timing but I need to open myself up to His fullness and accept that the devil’s scared, he wants me and he’s pressing in harder– but he will never win, and I. Don’t. Want. This. Disorder.
English. I absolutely adore all my English classes. I’m taking a course on Romantics, one on Fairytales and one on Mystery. And in each and every reading and writing and lecture I feel the Spirit engaging my heart and His joy working in me knowing that there is seed-planting and fruit for the Kingdom in that engagement and also in writers’ souls that lived much before my time! 
New Housemate? Mary, my lovely roommate, may be becoming a service dog trainer, which is a loophole for having pets in our student house… AH! I so hope this dog becomes a part of our lives.
New Starbucks Usual. My usual bev was a soy cappuccino dry. Lately it has been a soy unsweetened earl grey latte. Yum mmm and still some natural caffeine, just less!
Tomorrow… Dinner of the Month finally continues! My lovely friends Daniella, Insia and I had a Dinner of the Month club and went strong for about six months but have missed about four months. Tomorrow we’re doing breakfast of the month and I am so excited. 
Starbucks. I truly feel like a barista who knows what she’s doing now, and I love that. I don’t question how many pumps, what type of milk, how much foam, etc. anymore, and I have probably made at least 50 pumpkin spice lattes in the last week. I love it. I love knowing the Lord is using me here and the peace I feel in this work environment is such a blessing.
Weather. My goodness, how much I see my Creator in His nature! I appreciate every ray of sunlight, every drop of rain, leaves on trees, even, when I am in prayer and in His armour.
Bible Study. The girls in my program and a few others of us are getting together to study the Bible and welcome the Spirit and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such solid Christians and have specific time put aside for FOUNDATIONS in community.
Johnny. I love my man so much. Who is my best friend, the person I can ramble to and could also listen ramble for hours, the person I want to tell everything to first. Who’s a support and a challenger and who loves Jesus above all and loves me so well. Near or far he has my heart.

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