Good Evening!
This morning I woke up groggily at 6:20am, prayed for a while, and didn’t want to eat. I didn’t want to eat so badly but I was home alone and knew I needed to eat. Knew the Lord needed me to! So I made a small batch of oatmeal with cacao and blueberries for breakfast and are whilst reading.
 I headed for the bus to work, listening to worship music and praying all the way. I worked a nice, low-stress 8-2 shift at Cora’s, and snacked on WHITE bread (my choice and certainly not Ed’s) with Kraft peanut butter (that’s right, the kind with soybean oil and powdered sugar– screw your protests, anorexia!) in the middle of the shift. 
After work, I spent more time reading and writing and talked on the phone with a few different blessings of friends over lunch; plain oatmeal from my work with a couple strawberries, and a coffee with soy milk.

I bussed to Johnny’s house a little while later, trekking in the rain, for Bible study again with his brothers and more of our friends. We talked on purpose, how our purpose is Jesus all in all and that when we submit ourselves He acts and creates a desiring heart in us because He’s the one working! Praise God for this group of people that feels like a little family; these blessings I get to do study and prayer with. I was grateful for more time with Johnny’s sister in law, Sarah, too. 
After the study, Johnny drove me home and we chilled and watched a few episodes of Community, one of his fav shows that I loved. After he left, I had so much temptation to go to bed without dinner, the enemy excited that I hadn’t eaten since 2pm. Last night, I made myself a savoury dinner. And while Ed was saying I should have chicken and veggies, I KNEW my heart and stomach were elsewhere. So dinner was a bigggggg bowl of oatmeal with banana, blueberries, and cacao peanut butter. It hit the spot while I texted some of the greatest blessings in my life currently; Jillian and my friend Ashley, and you all simply MUST check out Mackenzie from mackmarie.con. She and her husband are phenomenal. 
Now, as I thank my Lord and Saviour for His work in bringing my soul closer to Him today, I praise Him and thank Him for reminding me and revealing to me that I am no longer a slave to fear of any kind. That no form of food restrict is of Him or glorifying to Him. 
Thanks be to God! 

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