“He is. That is it. He is the reason that I’m here. He is every cause. 
HE is fine tuning my view of my experience. I did not pursue him. He chose me. And once he did, my pride, my rebellion, my defenses, nothiiiiiing could stand his wrath.” 
Josee Foster

My soul is overwhelmed and that has nothing to do with me. My entire being is being made new and I am looking back on the former and realizing how the Lord has painted my life, has carved out my story for His glory, my story that is nothing without Him, my story that is just a means of glorifying Him. 
I am bad at many things and I praise God for those things because through them He has shown me and others that I am weak and meaningless without Him. HE has been the orchestrator of my life and my pursuit of Him. 

two cutest people on earth; two blessings

I don’t want anything, anyone else.

Getting to a place where I mean that with 100% of me– HE has brought me to that place.
And I don’t. I am in love with Jesus. My eyes fill with tears when I acknowledge His sacrifice. When I take in the genius that is my Father, His love and creativity and power and perfection. His Spirit, sent to magnify His love forevermore. 

I have called you by name.

He has plucked me from any sort of comfort and settling and made me uncomfortable with and in anguish for anything that isn’t of Him. He has given me the incessant and thriving NEED to soak in and spend time with Him in Scripture. 

The Lord is near to the broken-hearted and saves the crushed in Spirit.

He has convicted me of many things of late. He alone has pointed out my sins for what they are– and living by faith in what He has shown me, I repent them and PRAISE Him for leading me out and away and to new and better. 
Even as now, the devil literally whispers, Listen to the world! Listen to me! The Lord says, all of that will fade. I am eternal and I am the Truth. He guides me and I hold fast to Him. 
 And as a defeated voice says You need to stick to what you know, the Lord says, I have shown you a new thing, MY way. You know it is right. Follow me.

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