Gooooood Wednesday morning!
Late posting a blog I already typed… Oops. But hey, blogs are about real life, and this is my real life: working a lot of random hours, missing friends, praying. Loving and smiling, most of the time. 
I had another post written up but I think I’ll save that for next week as I realized I just have so many little things that are making my world a bright one that are shareable.
Book. So… Of course, the new Harry Potter book is out… of course, I almost pulled an all nighter reading it… I have been slept oval about this new “script” and am a firm believer in leaving a good thing done while it’s good. In Rowling’s case, a phenomenal thing. Ie. The most brilliant written works I’ve read. However, reading this new story, I feel emotional because of how nostalgic and, well, what else could I have expected, brilliant the new story is. Just go read it. 

Work. I’ve been asked to cover a lot of shifts at another Starbucks location not my own, in a Chapters bookstore. I looooved working my shift there– I met incredible co workers, and the customer interaction somehow felt so naturally raw. At my location, we don’t get to Sharpie our cups, and getting to add this personal touch and flair was really quite special. I made a “Butterbeer” Frappuccino for one fan and drew a lightening bolt and glasses on their cup. Who knows, maybe it ended up on Instagram ;).
Natasha. A girl I work with at the regular store, Natasha, has had a big impact on my heart in a small amount of time. She has worked at Starbucks for four months and is already leaving and on to the next thing. She talks about how, once she fulfills a dream and feels like she’s gotten the most out of it, she just wants more. This has really impacted me and is something I’ve been praying about in a lot of aspects, as I need to only be concerned for the Lord’s will, even if it’s faster than my humanity might anticipate.
Music. Well yeah, I’ve been listening to a lot of country. I’m going to Boots and Hearts this weekend so I gotta prepare ;). I’m most excited to see Sam Hunt, Chris Lane, Cam, Jake Owen, Chase Rice, Blake Shelton, Tebey, Dylan Scott… honestly there are loads more. 
Subconscious Fear. I have definitely had some fears and doubts about eating and drinking at the festival. I bought 200ml of vodka, just because I know I cannot allow my eating disorder to have its place in my lack of consuming alcohol. I have no desire to drink tons, but a casual drink or two while we’re camping would be really good for me. Vodka and diet Sprite has always been my “drink.” Ultimately, I am forever confident in the Lord’s greatness and that He will use this weekend for His good glory as I continue to submit my whole self.
Cereal. This being said, I’ve done some cool food things lately. Cereal, which I haven’t eaten in forever! Dairy free pizza and ice cream last week with Daniella! A soy Frappuccino! Praise the Lord for leading me to eating these things without anxiety, for that is the attitude toward food as gift that is of Him.

Johnny. May I just brag about my boyfriend a little bit? He is my best friend and my person in every way. Yesterday he had a lot on his heart regarding my eating disorder and the fact that it has no place in my life in Christ; like we love to talk about as its so glorifying and puts the devil to shame, nothing of those food anxieties is true; it’s just a worldly means the devil has tricked me with to take my heart away from Jesus and I am NOT ok with that– and the Lord has already overcome it and His hand will lead me all the way out. He talked to me in a caring while serious nature that so resembled Christ and reminded me that I am His first and through everything, and also Johnny’s.

Halsey and Oh Wonder. Today I get to see two amazing artists in Toronto, hopefully with Johnny if he’s off work in time, otherwise with my little sister and her best friend. I am SO stoked. 
Farmer’s Market. Johnny had this adorable idea to go to the St Jacob’s farmer’s market and get a bunch of fruits (a “fear” of his) and then go to a restaurant he loves that serves apparently a lot of meals that would usually give me anxiety. To show that any fear is unnecessary because the Lord is good and always good.

Excitement. Moving is starting to feel real as I start packing! I’m very excited for the opportunity to have more independence and with such godly women in my life. 

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