Hi! Happy Wednesday!
Today’s WIAW is succinct and includes mental barriers that didn’t feel so complicated at all today. The Lord is providing incredible strength in my Spirit and I can’t explain it beyond, let me tell you, He is working in me. Because what my eating disorder wants verses what the Lord needs and delivers on are exceptionally different.
This morning I woke and prayed on 2 Cornithians the second and third chapters. Over breakfast, which was baked oats with banana and cacao peanut butter, I worked on my online course, wrote some of my novel, semi caught up on the Bachelorette, and wrote some emails regarding my dance job in September.

I went into work a little early to meet Kenya, the girl I started my Starbucks training with and who has been such a light in my life and a light of the Lord. She’s been going through a rough time and I’ve felt called to work through and with Christ’s guidance lead her toward only Him. With her I had a soy cappuccino. 
I had just a quick 4 hour shift this afternoon, in the middle of which I had lunch of a cucumber with peanut butter, a cold brew coffee with a bit of soy milk, and a quest bar. 

After work, I was so excited to get to Johnnys and hang with him, and then to see our friends, Ryan and Maddie. Maddie is one of the girls I have the blessing of living with next year and Ryan is her boyfriend who is an incredible guy! We had such a Christ-centered and rich time together, talking about what the Lord has been teaching each of us and leading us to, lots of laughs, and fun. They’re amazing. We went mini golfing, and then to Boston Pizza for dinner. I had a half size bow tie  chicken vegetable pasta, and I praised the Lord for my genuine hunger (rare) and ability provided by His Spirit to focus on conversation with His children. That’s one of the coolest things about God; loving on His children is glorifying Him, because of how much He loves us. 
I ate white pasta and it’s only just sinking in now…. eh, I’m not gonna think about it. In this moment In fact, the Spirit won’t let me think about it. I’m just praising Him with all of me and praying on what He wants to accomplish. God. Is. SO. GOOD. Always. May His will be done and Holy name be glorified through you today and always! Jooooy

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