Ouf. So now I’m actually blogging the right piece on the right day and it “fits” nicely in my head. Not that that means anything or matters. Not that that means anything or matters.
The second the Lord puts that acknowledgement and recognition in my heart now, it truly doesn’t anymore, even for me. I am blessed by this, by His grace at work in me to truly lead me from this stringency and submit myself to Him.
I have been of late eating better and more and finally having adequate energy, praise the Lord. For breakfast this morning, after the first few hours of my Starbucks shift, I had a banana, a Quest bar, and a soy cappuccino. Despite this feeling like a lot, I was still hungry the second I started my shift again. Going three more hours without food left me on a dangerous high of wanting to go longer. I know from experience that this when I need to just pray, bite the bullet, and eat something. So for a snack on my second break I had an iced coffee, unsweetened but with a bit of soy milk, and oatmeal from my work with a few walnuts. 
My shift was from 5am-1:30 and I am loving my job so much. I’m still certainly one of those “new people,” getting the hang of things and trying my best, but I love that I feel challenged here and have the opportunity to submit myself to the Lord for His light to be shone to people in the midst of often busy/”earthly” days. I had some memorable customer moments today, and that’s my favourite part of the job.
After work, all that genuinely sounded good at home was oatmeal. I had a big bowl of it with peanut butter and berries for lunch alongside a cup of unsweetened almond milk, and worked on the midterm essay for my online class for a few hours after, and got in an ab workout.

For dinner, I was blessed to meet with Sara, and we had some incredible, Christ-seeking conversations about our eating disorders and how we can forever praise the Lord in that we both struggled blindly for years and while the devil still fights for our hearts we KNOW now that the battle is already won forever and always by Jesus and that makes all the difference. I had a salad from pita pit, with a bunch of veggies and a bit of turkey. We also talked about something Johnny and I talk about often– living a perfect life. When he finishes his spoken word about this life and death and everything topic, I will link it here and will likely write more about it too as it is increasingly on my heart. Sara and I saw very eye to eye in spirit on this. God has done phenomenal things in this lady since we became friends and I am in awe and blessed to call her a friend.
I was hungry as I was blogging and had a snack of a banana with a protein powder dip and unsweetened almond milk to drink. 
Today’s food intake could have easily freaked me out because of the need to eat little things more frequently throughout the day, but it didn’t nearly as much as it might have years ago. I fear the LORD, yet in Him and that He is all I fear; I fear the devil, yet I love the Lord and surrender to Him more each day. 

I will conduct the affairs of my house
    with a blameless heart. PSALM 101:2

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