“But can one ‘trust more?’ I think it’s either you trust or you don’t.” –Josee

Yesterday, Johnny and I followed our spirits to Josee Foster, a beautiful woman of God, to her home in Scugog, Ontario. I found Josee’s blog months ago on my own surfing WordPress and recognized her name. Johnny had told me about her before, and I asked him if this writer was the Christ-loving figure skater he’d told me about that he’d met at camp, and he confirmed. I’d already written to Josee, telling her that her blog touched my spirit and I’d related to her. In her very first reply, I felt like I’d known her for years.

a smoothie bowl via JOSEE

After months of communicating via Facebook messenger and reading Josee’s blogs, we found a day suitable for all three of us to get together. Johnny and I drove the 2 hours to Scugog (well, Johnny drove, I semi-DJed and unwrapped his Junior Chickens), and were greeted by a naturally glowing Josee Foster at her front door who proclaimed, “Sorry I’m a mess, just doing my meal prep for the week,” and whose hug felt like one I’d known before.

Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you. Greet one another with an holy kiss. 2 CORINTHIANS 13:12

In talking to Josee, there was no rush. There was only the present moment in Christ’s grace, and I struggle with finding the words to explain just how He worked through her in that way. There was no urgency because Josee’s spirit needn’t it. When she spoke, she spoke with authenticity of spirit that, as Johnny said, made it clear that she valued what she said. She carefully deliberates with holiness when she speaks, and maintains a presence of calm all the way through. The few moments of pause in our conversation were filled with sighs of the Holy Spirit that cannot ever be sugar-coated. The three of us together, one body in Christ and only seeking His will led to conversation that was so glorifying and aligned and refreshing. 
The way Josee talks about and acts around food is something I relate to so vehemently. Her passion for healthy, wholesome, Godly nourishment is similar to the relationship with food I imagine for myself, while we both still relate over certain obsessive tendencies and heightened focus that has been utilized as distraction. Overall, talking to Josee about food was an immense blessing, the Lord overwhelming my soul with intense awe of Him, His grace, and the way He works. His love for us so intentional and good and prosperous and to access His Spirit we need only knock.
After sitting on the roof of her gorgeous cottage-turned-home and chatting about a slue of things to do with life and our hearts and the Lord’s grace, again, with no hint of rush but only basking in the present moment that is, always is, Jesus Christ’s, we wandered down to a pond near the house, sat on a dock, and soaked in more of his goodness. A frog jumped over and seemed to perch with contentment, mimicking the stillness in Spirit of the beautiful Josee and reminding me more of the importance of pause that His Spirit was putting on my heart. Johnny peeled open some sort of leaf to find what looked like a blood worm, miniscule, which invited,

“I wonder if it’s ever seen daylight”
“God made him. God fashioned this creature and for what purpose, who knows but Him.”
“He is so big and so beautiful and human brains can’t stretch enough to comprehend His vastness.”

We headed back up to the house and made our own bowls of a variety of ingredients Josee had similar to what I often eat. Johnny exclaimed, “I don’t even know what half this stuff is!” And it occured to me that, had Josee and I never had negative or obsessive tendencies surrounding food, it would be incredible for the two of us to prepare our dinner for the first time just the two of us because of our shared passion. But Johnny’s presence in that aspect (and others, of course) was so important, because he served as the reminder that what and how much food was not nearly as important as the fact that it was a blessing. One of the main reasons I am so passionate about food is that it is the perfect occasion to gather in communion with others and in the fellowship with Christ.
Witnessing His manifestation in Josee yesterday is something I will never forget, and I already feel so blessed to call her a sister in Christ whom I love and cherish. We have plans already to visit various Torontoian cafes and restaurants, striving for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to be glorified and man, I am excited for what He is going to continue to do.
She didn’t let Johnny and I leave without a pile of snacks, and had also burned three CDs: one labelled “The Drive” for the drive home, one labelled “Cassie,” and one labelled “Johnny.” Our ride home was beautiful, Johnny and I talking about so much, past, present, and future, reminiscing on the short six months we’ve had, but mostly just embracing the Spirit’s presence in that very moment. Listening to the music Josee had put together specifically for us, touched and in awe of her kindness and caring. Blessed.
Be sure to check out the incredible line of products Josee has put together for her self-run business, ENCORE, here.
And continue to tap into the will of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. I learned so much from Him in Josee: embracing the moment He has, in worship, in stillness, in awe, in His character and all by and through His Spirit, so tangible– get this, MORE tangible than anything visible.

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