Happy Tuesday!
Now that I work at Starbucks and love it, I thought I’d do a fun one today. Here are my personal top ten, can’t-miss drinks.
Cappuccinos. If you are like me, cappuccinos are for you. Made with just espresso, a bit of steamed milk, and lots of foam, cappuccinos can be sweetened with any of our flavoured syrups as well. I have a plain soy cappuccino as my daily coffee and feel excellent on that.
Chai Tea Lattes. Hint: ask for it made with the bagged chai tea. Otherwise, the drink is made with sugar laden chai “concentrate,” whatever that means– the bagged tea gives the drink more flavour. When I’ve drank these, I’ve had them with soy and unsweetened.
Double Shot on Ice. You guessed it: a double espresso served over ice is topped with your choice of milk and sweetened lightly. Ask for caramel syrup instead of classic for a perfect flavour balance if you’re not into strong coffee.
Chocolate Smoothie. Made with a fresh banana, your choice of milk, whey protein, mocha sauce, and ice. That’s it! Try subbing sugar-free mocha syrup for the sauce for a more paleo friendly version of this drink (not that I’m recommending the aspertame in the sugar free syrups, but still).
Smores Frappuccino. I’ll never be able to try it, but it’s my favourite looking frapp. Made as a typical coffee frapp sweetened with marshmallow whipped cream inside and on top of the cup, topped with graham cracker crumbs and bursting with mocha sauce. If you’re interested in the Frappuccino, try a classic coffee frapp to see if you like it, and be adventurous from there.
Cinnamon Dolce Latte. My best friend Daniella’s favourite! Cinnamon dolce syrup is pumped with the regular smooth espresso and steamed milk of a latte, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar.
Hot Chocolate. Not a coffee fan? Not a problem. I mean, you should reevaluate, but that’s ok. Starbucks hot chocolate is the most authentic chain hot chocolate you could purchase, made with real steamed milk and mocha sauce and our made-in-store whipped cream rather than water and a pouch of powder.
Iced Caramel Macchiato. These pretty drinks when served hot have the foam consistency of that right between a latte and a cappuccino. Served over ice, espresso is poured atop steamed, then icy milk and drizzled with caramel.
Flat White. For strong, delicious espresso, ristretto shots are used, and extra shots are added. Milk is a creamy texture. 
Mocha. For the chocolate coffee lover. Latte style steamed milk and espresso with mocha sauce and whipped cream. 

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