Hey All!
So. The barista thing.
“Why are you so excited about being a barista? I don’t get it.”
Interaction with people paired with quality atmosphere plus coffee and always new music = my happy place. I once went to Starbucks by myself with intent of spending hours just reading, blogging, and people watching and that is exactly what I did. And I remember everything about that day.
What did I blog about? The five love languages. What was I reading? Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden; I also read the entirety of Martin Luther’s preface to his catechism and spent hours studying it as well as his thesis. Who did I see that I knew? My ninth grade English teacher and a girl from high school named Autumn. What did I drink? A venti soy unsweetened bagged chai tea latte. What music played? Video Girl by FKA Twigs and Good Good Father by Bethel Music.
I sat in a spot in which I got to smile at many people. A stranger chatted me up and asked if I was seeing anyone. My barista was a pretty girl with ombré hair and a warm smile. And in that atmosphere with different conversations around me, both business and lull, rush and calm, I could zone in better than ever.
I am passionate about being Christ’s light in those little moments, because in the right place they can be remembered forever. Already working in customer service the Lord has provided opportunity for conversation and kindness in his name and what better than a place Im so passionate about, also learning how to make coffees at the most renowned coffee place makes me so excited, and ready for just whatever opportunities He might provide for pursuit and glory to Him.

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    1. Ah, have forgotten to let you know! Thank you so much for all your help and advice girly they definitely helped in the interview. Xx God Bless lovely!

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