There is endless joy in the Lord.
Wait, I don’t think I heard that.
There is ENDLESS joy in the Lord.
Our human lives… They’re so tiny. So minuscule. We impact such a microscopic amount of humanity and yet God impacts/IS all of it.
He IS.
The essence of His being is the essence of everything… my love and my soul flows to Jesus and He is the one who cleanses me from sin and one of my favourite quotes about Him is this: “Nothing surprises God.”
It isn’t possible to surprise Him with our sin; no amount of abandonment or fear or worry could stave HIM from loving US; and yet the enemy can stave us from loving Him. But oh, how He loves us and never ceases to and it is that grace which abounds to our loving others.
I was overwhelmed in my study earlier in Psalm 119.
” In the strictest sense this composition is conditioned; nevertheless in the highest sense is it an utterance of spiritual life; and in thus finding these seemingly opposed elements, intimately commingled as they are throughout this Psalm, a lesson full of meaning is silently conveyed to those who shall receive it — that the conveyance of the things of God to the human spirit is in no way damaged or impeded, much less is it deflected or vitiated, by its subjugation to those modes of utterance which most of all bespeak their adaptation to the infancy and the childlike capacity of the recipient.'” –Issac Taylor on Psalm 119
The Psalm is truly such a gift from the Holy Spirit, and, to bring Taylor’s description of it to simpler terms, it is a praising and loving and singing joyfulness to the Lord, reckoning that many a human would rage and say “How can you believe in a God that allows ___ to happen.”
This Psalm turns that absolutely crazy question right around and begs for the Lord’s heart to be our heart. For us to walk in His ways and always know that THAT, HE is where joy is. To love Him continuously and throughout our whole earthly period is to invite the Spirit to work and is to know joy. And many a person may read this Psalm and initially think that it is a mere reckoning of His love, quite repetitive, but that is not nearly the case. Meditation on this Psalm brings forth so much Truth and life and is so humbling.
“The UNFOLDING (suggesting we actually read) of your words gives light.”
“Redeem me from human oppression, that I may keep your precepts.”
AH! It is HUMANITY, it is literally the oppression of THIS WORLD that keeps us from His precepts, from that joy, from that love!
LORD in agony sometimes I cry, I am not meant for this world!
And yet we are, for the blink of an eye. His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. 
We are granted the gift of loving Him FROM Him, of knowing that His words are “sweeter than honey to my mouth.” The Psalm continually compares the Love of the Lord to things of the world, laying down His precepts so beyond surpass earthly knowledge. He is all.
And the past few days have brought both joy and sadness.

Yesterday one of my best friend’s sister had her baby girl. She is so beautiful and I couldn’t bear to let her go. What a precious, beautiful gift from God that I’m excited to see grow. Her family has been such a blessing to so many and I know this baby will be loved on so hard and I am already praying for her. This got me thinking about how, if we loved our neighbours as ourselves, we would be in prayer just as much for individuals’ situations as our own. We would be praying for their hearts and the Lord’s wisdom in their situations as much as ours. While I am constantly praying specifically for my loved ones, it’s something I feel called to put more focus on. “To know joy in His precepts.”
Have a blessed one you fabulous humans, and walk boldly in the love of your endlessly loving Lord.

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