“Our body is just a shell for the soul.”
Created by God, for God’s glory, not for humans.
And so, here is a raw, unedited glimpse of what getting my second (and quite probably last) tattoo looked like.
I have been planning to get this tattoo matching with my sister and our dear friend Kaitlyn for years. Recently, Kaitlyn has undergone an incredibly painful time and come out so strong. I am witnessing the Lord renewing her heart and doing incredible things in her life and I am so blessed to know her. In all her struggle it has seemed like the perfect and most timely era to get our “dance” tattoo.
image.jpegI used to praise the Lord through dance. Ten years ago, I would dance to worship music and let the Holy Spirit take over. Isn’t that our call, to die daily to ourselves so that the Holy Spirit can take over?
Recently, I’ve had a spiritual awakening on my opinion of tattoos. My body is not my own, it is the Lord’s. It is a temple that He created to shell my soul– I do not have authority, only His Spirit does. And while we are not BOUND by Old Testament law because of the life and death of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, it is equally RELEVANT now. And Leviticus ¬†says that¬†‘You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves.’ There are a lot of Old Testament rules that I do not adhere to in my sin, and may the enemy be away from those areas of my life. In this case, I have been praying for weeks while Krystal and Kaitlyn have been planning the tattoo, praying constantly that Jesus in me would make this decision about my tattoo.
When I was told I had anorexia, the diagnosis came with many rules, one being that I had to stop all exercise– including dance. I couldn’t imagine not seeing my dance family, not learning and growing in my skills. I was very angry that the enemy had turned such a positive, beautiful medium through which to express and experience His Spirit into such a bad thing. But the devil has no hold on this in min or anyone’s life, and so what is my tattoo? It is Jesus. It is His revelation in my life made new that in Him I can glorify Him through anything.
I don’t think know that my spirit agrees with tattoos, and I learned that today. I do know that this dance tattoo can and is only for the glorification of Jesus Christ and it is done and I love it, and it so much of it was also out of loving and supporting Kaitlyn.
image.pngI’ve also been really intrigued in general by this exact idea. This quotation is Jesus– whether this person is in submission to Christ or not. So much of what people say and do reflects the Kingdom of Heaven indirectly, and we can pray and give to God that those who aren’t in Him may see His light. But if we are, and if we are dying daily– or, as Eckert’s quote says, “interested in what goes on on the inside,”– the outside will work itself out, or rather, God will have that. God will have His way in our bodies, with the mundane, earthly things that are simply gifts– that don’t ultimately matter beyond the depth of use of them for His glorification and servitude. LITERALLY, nothing matters beyond the unshakeable, unrefutable and quite ironically UNDEFINABLE person of Jesus Christ.
With all that said, my tattoo may be a mistake, and I pray God reveals that to me if it was. But it’s certainly not something to dwell on. He already has victory over it– and it’s His victory alone that my voice can shout and praise.

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