“My soul will rest in your embrace.”
Loving the Lord with all one’s heart, soul, and mind comes with the Holy Spirit. Today my sister and I studied John 14 together, which was a big deal.
My mind, heart, and Spirit have been battling with the idea of long distance relationships for a little while and today my boyfriend Johnny got news that he is officially accepted to his dream school. It’s a long ways away and I’ll probably only see him a couple times a year. While this is right now weird to think about, it really isn’t, because this school is something the Lord has so clearly brought him to in all his prayers, thoughts, and anguish about his current program. Talking to him, I’ve learned how important it is to him and just how right the school is for all that he is. He is already so passionate about it and that is enough to make me passionate about it.
The Holy Spirit’s work and will is the important part of any relationship and He works just the same amid physical distance. Moreso, it is about our glorification and pursuit of Christ with or without each other; that should not depend on each other in any way. In all my prayers I truly see this distance as a blessing, an opportunity for Johnny and I to grow spiritually while in a relationship because we love each other, and for the Lord to have His will through that, recognizing and being only willing to its potential change. But if distance changed my love for him, it wouldn’t be love.
I rest in the love of God, that Johnny and I are both walking where He is calling us with Him our only guide, and knowing that nothing else can prevail.
Just some of my ramblings on a Thursday!✌️ lots of love and His peace be with you.

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