Music. Bryson Tiller is playing a concert in Toronto that I’m hoping to get tickets too and because of that I have his music on repeat.
Biblical Study. I’ve decided to embark on Genesis next, in my personal study. I’m two chapters in and while we could say it’s a book that won’t take as long to study and understand, it’s an important book and the only one I’ve actually read multiple times! But I’m not skimming it, I’m truly reading it. “It is not good for man to be alone… I will make him a helper.” One of the first things the Lord noted after creating Adam.
Food. As usual, I could live off baked oats and smoothies. These aren’t restrictive or ED-wise, I genuinely love them. I’m also eating sweet potatoes more. At the same time I’m experimenting and excited to take “normal” cooking classes. I’m interested in regular cuisine and cooking and want to perfect my ability.
Dance. My friend Kaitlyn is someone who has been a sister to me for more than half my life and has impacted me hugely. She and my sister and I want to get matching tattoos, a mark of the Life of Jesus made anew in her life.
Work. I know I need another job for this summer, and I’m going to start going to job fairs and applying to restaurants and hopefully start a second job by May.
Friends and Family. So many of my loved ones recently have been touched by the Holy Spirit in a new way and it is incredible to walk alongside them in awe of the Lordms work in them and their lives. My older sister especially has recently been brought to a renewed joy in Christ recognizing that following Jesus is not something we can try to do, because US TRYING will always fail. We have to die to the very idea of that and open our hearts to Jesus alone, Christ in us, nothing to do with us.
Coming Up… This Sunday I’m going to a Blue Jays game with my fam and a holistic health conference in Toronto. It’ll be really wonderful to spend some time, the five of us.
Just Past… Daniella’s birthday weekend was a success and I couldn’t be more grateful for her presence and friendship in every aspect of my life. She is truly the greatest friend any person could dream of having.
Summer Goals. I’ve set a few, one being to finish and self publish my novel. It’s hard to explain the joy I feel sitting and writing, losing myself in grammar, characters, and themes. I also wrote a reading list that I will continue to add to, want to make music videos with my sisters and friends, and finish the Bible in its entirety for my first full study.
Dance Classes. I’m hoping this summer to resume dancing with Krystal, teaching her tap and working on our flexibility together.

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