This morning I spent so much time in prayer and in asking the Lord for removal of my disordered thoughts if that be His will and have been so filled and rejoicing in His goodness all morning. His faithfulness endures always and that is just too good.
I ate a good breakfast of 2 bananas and a big handful of berries with cacao powder blended into a smoothie, topped with a Luna protein bar. I worked on some papers for a bit and then packed for the day.
Lunch before I headed out the door was a tiny sweet potato with peanut butter, and some goats milk yogurt with berries and nuts.
An hour and a half later, I arrived on campus in time for Linguistics, which my prof let us out very early from. I met Laura earlier than usual and drank a soy cappuccino for a much needed caffeine boost. We studied together in the lounge and I trekked through a couple of assignments! I also got to spend some time in the Word and catch up with a lovely friend Sarah. Somewhere in the midst I snacked on a Clif bar.
I’m about to head to the seminary to have soup for din, followed by class and a sleepover with Maddie and Bethany. I’m also looking forward to chatting with my prof tonight about my major. I’ve spoken with a few pastors now about how their education has worked and many seem to have done their undergrad in something more background that they were passionate about. My passions all must/are of and from the Lord… and I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on and praying about majoring in English, as literature is my strongest/most passionate “earthly” medium through which to see Christ’s glory. Studying English with a Christian Studies option for my undergrad would give me the opportunity to take the courses that are taught by the instructors I find most clarity through and the classes that will provide the most growth. I am really excited about this as of now, confident in the Lord and knowing that His will for me may not continue to be Laurier. I’m praying for only more spiritual discernment and grace– and also looking into summer Bible camps/Christian opportunities, because work can definitely wait.
I am happy and joyful in His victory and growing in Him and His life-BREATHING Word each day.
Prayers and Peace!

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