I’m thinking March’s top ten are gonna be a fun series about some of my favourite/best foods, today’s being all things vegetables.
Sweet Potatoes. It’s a tuber, but still a veg. I love purple and Japanese ones, but plain ol orange ones are my fav. Microwaved for 6 mins, cut open, and served with organic almond butter and cinnamon is my fav.
Broccoli. A close second, broccoli when steamed to perfection is amazing. I like it best in stir fries, or if it’s raw, dipped in hummus. I used to make ginger miso stir fry a lot for family dinners, and broccoli was definitely a staple.
Baby Carrots. Raw baby carrots with hummus or any nut butter is a snack I have often. If they’re cooked, they’re great with a homemade maple glaze.
Spinach. I loove spinach, especially cooked with a meat like chicken, spiced with Greek essentials and served warm. If it’s raw, it’s a salad staple.
Squash. Cooked butternut squash drizzled with grapeseed oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper is perfection.
Asparagus. I used to make lemon-maple glazed asparagus all the time. It’s a great side for seafood or steak, of course with salt and pepper.
Cucumbers. Cukes are another veggie I’ve always loved raw, with hummus or nut butter and some Himalayan salt.
Zucchini. Zucchini sauted in a medley with grapeseed oil and then broiled in the oven for about 30 seconds is magnificent topped with turmeric, salt, and pepper.
Peppers. Bell peppers, hot peppers, jalapeño peppers… I love all of them, even raw.
Romaine Lettuce. In my opinion, the greatest salad starter.
No excuse to not get veggies in!

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