Happy Hump Day Peeps!✌️
Today, I was tired. I was lazy in the morning. I didn’t feel like doing much. But I had a great day nonetheless.
I woke up very late this morning and spent some time in the Word, then made some breakfast: a big bowl of oatmeal with banana and peanut butter. I ate it whilst watching my guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars, and catching up on emails.
While trying to do some homework afterwards, I snacked on a lemon Luna bar.
In the afternoon, Laura and I ran some errands and then stopped for a late lunch at an adorable downtown Cafe. We both got the vegan waffles and I topped mine with berries and apple slices, accompanied with an almond milk cappuccino.
I wasn’t feeling much for dinner, and when I got home ended up much later having three entire cucumbers with carrots and a bunch of peanut butter. It was perfect, and great fuel for my tiredness when Chloe and Emma came over, where we just talked and caught up and Dan Ed around and watched Step Up and goofed off. It was great.
Overall a fantastic day for challenging food rules, beating Ed, and “just eating.” Definitely some nasty thoughts, but the more I give those over to the Lord and recognize that they are dead, the less they mean anything at all.

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