Gooooooood Thursday Morning!
Ive been sort of cranky the past few days, frustrated because for some reason, the hardest love I’m finding to translate is love to my family and at home. God has been doing incredible things in my life in that my relationship with Him is FIRST and growing that way each day, and with that comes with some difficulties that I need to continually lift to Him. This is all my problem, not my family’s, for they are loving and trying their best always.
With that crankiness, I want to just list three things Im thankful to God for in my life.

  1. The sun. It’s streaming through my curtains right now and making me feel alive, and I am grateful God blessed us with this warmth and life necessity.
  2. The Word. The only “words” that will never be wrong, never fail. Sometimes we are not of Spirit when we speak, because we are human, but the Bible is Truth and Life and I am eternally thankful that God graced us with it.
  3. Food. While my eating disorder has used food against me in every way imaginable, I know that I need it to live, and am grateful that my relationship with it is slowly becoming more normal the more my relationship with my Father grows.

On this last note, I really wanted to talk about food the way I know food was intended. So many of us who have experienced eating disorders see food as numbers, percentages, “good/bad,” etc. It is hard to imagine “just eating.”
God didn’t invite calories. A calorie is a unit of energy. I am always amazed by what scientists “uncover” that is merely a better way of understanding the beauty of the Lord’s Creation. With these “calories” God created, He wanted us to eat plentifully, for NOURISHMENT, without dwelling at all, but merely to satisfy our souls and bodies. He also blessed us with taste buds and variety. He could have given us little pills and that would be it for fuel, but no, food takes time to eat, and in the Bible we learn that we are meant to ENJOY its different tastes.
My passion for healthy food is one I am expectant God can use for His glory and that is not associated with the enemy.
What are you deepest passions on this earth and do they simply stem under your love for Christ and His love for you?

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