What’s up everybodaaay?
Today’s top ten is centered around some cool things that I think are worth checking out.
God’s Not Dead. Cinematically, this film wasn’t fantastic or anything, but it’s story and what the Spirit does in its Truth and through it is great. Definitely a must-see.
Mackenzie on American Idol. This guy NEEDS to win. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SwMnmwRZYsM
Message from Church Last Night. The sermon was rooted in Luke, the beginning of Chapter 7. About how God is equally present and forever moving in our lives no matter where in the world or what moment we’re in.
Toner. Hate when my hair gets brassy, and I’m now using John Friieda brass corrector and its workin woooonders.
Favourite Snack. Cucumbers with peanut butter. I’m obsessed.
Conversation Partner. My beautiful best friend Sara, over at backtobeingsara.wordpress.com,andI are similar in many ways and in what God has been doing in our lives. So cool to share that with a sister in Christ, so blessed.
Kanye West. Johnny has been going nuts about how good his new album is, and man is he ever right. Be sure to check it out.
Concert. We’re going to see Hillsong in April and have our tickets now thanks to Sara, and I feel sp blessed! Their song Oceans is incredible and simply glorifying.
Dance. I growing in my confidence in dance the more I become a trained choreographer for kids and I think there’s so much value in teaching in order to master a skill! Really cool.
Valentine’s Day. In a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is just a “why-not” opportunity to emulate Jesus’ love to those He’s blessed you with. Was so blessed by my best V Day ever by my first one with Johnny.❤️

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