Hey. Guess what?
I, Cassie, make A LOT of mistakes. Every day, actually. And that will never stop. Because I am human and no one but Christ will ever be sinless on this earth. So what do we do with these mistakes? We brag about them, about just how sinful we all are– and we’re all equal in that sin– and about how good our God is that He loves us anyway, always.
Ive been thinking the past few hours about sleep. I’ve been yawning and aching with tiredness and just thinking about what a blessing it is to sleep. To rest and reflect and be still. Our bodies function best with 7-9 hours per night of it, and while I sleep soundly no matter where I am/what time it is/how tired I am, others have a really tough time fgetting a good night’s rest.
Some really great studies have shown that adequate nutrition plays a key role in our rest. Eating a dinner with mega protein is good for before sleep– like lean meat and veggies. Carbs right before bed are an even better idea. A snack like cereal  with almond milk can raise levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Finally, avoiding chocolate, Alcohol, and coffee as much as possible is ideal for the best sleep possible. These less natural “foods” go to show that God provides us with all the food needed before the industries for ghost ahold of it.

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