Mornin sunshines!
I was thinking a lot yesterday about hair. And how getting my hair done is a bit of an idol that serves nothing for God’s Kingdom. And that is something my human mind can’t ever fathom, or even hope to without the Holy Spirit. But my conversations with Pam, my hair dresser, talking about how some of her most drunken friends seem to embody Christ more than many “good Christians,” spurred me into this rant. Christ in Pam reminded me that we’re all equal in sin. That doesn’t make sin ok, nor does it disclaim the key to everything: proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord in order to rid the self, repenting those sins and presenting the Lord with an open heart to be molded. Christ alone will make us new, but that doesn’t mean our “biggest” calling on this earth is “no drinking, no sex, church every Sunday cuz I’m a good Christian.”
Our biggest, ONLY, calling on this earth is bring His Kingdom here, something we can only do by dying to ourselves and allowing our obsession with Him, His Spirit to take over. With this absolutely comes no desire for drunkeness, impurity, or other things that defile Him, but if this is the focus of our Christianity, we are in our heads and this world and hooked on ourselves a bit. Christianity is not a big list of “do nots,” and so many non-Christians are exposed to this idea. ALL Christianity is is Jesus, and His Spirit, love, and presence will NEVER fail.
You know when you’re so tired and need to catch up on sleep but you have a ton of homework? That’s me right now. Check back Monday for some new series and God’s timing in bringing me from my eating disorder.

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  1. This was great and so very true! So many people (I’m guilty as well at times) are more concerned with how things look on the outside than allowing God to change us from the inside out. When we truly have the love of Christ in our heart, it will just flow out of us into others.

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