Today, I was very inspired by Julia’s post about stopping WIAW. As for me, I think that at the moment my more and more normalized eating is just a showcase of that God is the only form of recovery that can ever be effective in a person, and I am boasting therefore in my weakness and His strength. Something to pray on for sure though, and love witnessing God’s works in Julia.
Breakfast this morning, knowing that I wouldn’t eat for a while later, was big. I made my favourite, and not Ed’s favourite– a cup of oats with lots of banana, peanut butter, and raspberries. I also had another banana on the side. I packed for the day and spent some time in the Word, did a quick workout, and headed off to the bus where I spent most of the ride choreographing for my two classes . I have a 5-6 ballet with three precious girls that have never danced before, and then an 8-12 jazz with eight girls who are all very talented. It’s really awesome to have that mixture!
For a snack after my linguistics presentation, which went really well, I had a banana and an orange while studying and catching up with Laura. We sat in the concourse near some girls who were quite loudly talking about calories, how “bad carbs are,” etc., and I thought about a year ago, how much such words would have affected and triggered me. Today, I prayed for these girls, and while I experienced a bit of anxiety turned to God and found clarity in Him and my ability through Him to focus on Laura.
I met Johnny after his class, and we went to the bookstore to find a better size sweater for his momma. Even a purple Laurier sweater designed for girls looked good on this kid. We bussed home and Johnny suggested grocery shopping and cooking together and I got so excited. Ed had a very brief moment of “you weren’t going to eat dinner tonight, you could easily skip it,” but when I say brief, I mean brief. My position in Christ meant that God kicked that enemy out very fast, and all I could see was what Christ is doing in my amazing boyfriend and I. So we excitedly planned our meal, bought our ingredients, and successfully made brown rice stir fry with chicken, water chestnuts, broccoli, and carrots for dinner, and it was delicious! We made some for us and Johnny’s brother Steve and got to eat all together, and all I could possibly focus on was God’s love and power.
During our Christian Studies break, I noticed that I was hungry and probably hadn’t eaten quite enough calories for the day, and when Maddie and Bethany suggested Starbucks and both got snacks, I got a Starbucks oatmeal with pecans. It was the perfect snack! Now I’m just chillen with Bethany, watching Brother Bear in our onesies, finishing some assignments and chatting, feelin very blessed. By a day with few food thoughts, few attempts from the enemy in terms of my eating disorder and overall obsession with Jesus’ victory over it. “More of Him and less of me” I pray every day.

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  1. I liked Julias post too, she was actually one of my first inspirations for recovery. I’ve thought too about why I write the things that I do & just like her want to write everything for the right reasons. I’m not where she’s at mentally, yet but am working towards it! Good job with your intake & with your effort!!! 🙂

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