In Christ, I can. In Christ, HE will do the work in me. Nothing to do with me.
Here are some things I pray Christ might accomplish in me for the sole purpose of me becoming more fit for His Kingdom.
No More Eating Disorder. There are still thoughts, I still bloat when I eat something I haven’t eaten in years, I still have the voices that tell me I need complete control over what goes in my body. This is all false and from the enemy and I pray that it goes.
A Passion For Healthy Foods. I am so passionate about eating whole foods such as the way God intended, but I pray that in Christ this passion does not consume me but rather my love for Jesus makes me want to nourish my body with only His food.
Insight to my Calling. In Christ and in prayer I know that I am called to ministry, but exactly what God has in store I don’t know. I pray for an open heart, that I might only answer His call and my flesh and earthly desires have nothing to do with that path.
Novel Makeover. The book I’ve been writing for years, which I thought I finally finished, is begging me to take another look at it. I pray that its message indirectly preaches the Gospel in the way God sees fit.
Adventures with Johnny. When I have exciting news, I want to tell Johnny. When I’m worried, I want to share that with him– but only in Christ, only with God’s leading hands, only in and after prayer. God has blessed me with a person who makes me excited about a future chasing Him and His works, if that might be what His way for us.
Continued Growth with Friends. I constantly brag about having the best friends on the planet, and I really do. I know some incredible people and friendships are SO important to me. I hope to grow with my closest friends and any new people in my life in the way God sees fit, pleasing Him all the while.
Increase My Flexibility. Over the years I have lost quite s bit of flexibility, and now that I’m teaching dance it’s more evident. I think dance is a beautiful, simplistic way to convey stories with our bodies, and I never want to lose that practice.
Going to the Word– Always. Even once I’ve finished the Bible, I know that every day for the rest of my life I will read it. That is life, the Word is all we have and the only “rules” that matter.
Travelling. My best friend Chloe  and I promised each other years ago that we would one day go to England together. In addition, there are so many places I’d love to go, never losing God’s promise and the knowledge in Him that His presence and beauty is all that makes these places beautiful– equally as beautiful as my own backyard.

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