Hey All! How are ya?
Today has been a really cool day as far as my recovery goes. This morning I woke up, spent a while in the Word and found myself mostly in the book of Romans, praying and giving my day over to the Lord. I ate breakfast and did some readings for school, and found enough time to watch an episode of Glee.
Breakfast, since I knew I’d have trouble eating throughout the day with my schedule, was big. I had a cup of oatmeal with peanut butter, banana slices, dates, blueberries, and an apple. I knew it was a big meal, and the enemy put a lot of emphasis on that, but in my prayer I submit my thoughts to Jesus and that His will might be my way. Today, that looked like me getting all ready for school in the morning, walking to the bus, and answering the phone when my little sister called and said she was sick. I told her she was welcome to come to uni with me, and after a lot of debate and me really feeling called to bring her, she decided to come. We had an awesome chance to catch up and laugh and talk about our lives on the bus ride to the school. Courtney is so funny, fun-loving, and genuine. She makes the world brighter and does everything with a smile. When we got to the school and in Laurier’s concourse, she said, “Is this a SCHOOL?” She’s just great and so authentic.
She sat in on my linguistics class with me, and then we went to Starbucks and met Laura who is, like Courtney, a passionate vegetarian. We all studied over tea and good conversation. A little while later, we met up with my boyfriend (hey dude, can I use that word now?) who Courtney is growing more and more fond of– I better watch out ;). It is incredible how much Johnny and I are growing with each other as well as each other’s friends and family, all of that growth in Christ, our prayer. At Johnny’s, we listened to a bunch of music and half-heartedly (well, Johnny whole-heartedly) watched an important soccer game to Johnny’s team. Just being with these two incredibly important people in my life and watching them light each other up and make each other laugh– ah, there’s nothing like that. We had so much fun.
After a couple hours, Courtney headed off to dance class, and I back to school where I met Maddie and Mary to talk about house showings for where we’ll be living next year. The seminary serves free soup, so I had a little bowl of vegetable soup and an apple for dinner. My hunger cues have been really off lately, and that little bit made me feel so full. Ed attacked immediately, saying that I’d eaten too much, but I knew that I hadn’t eaten enough for the day and made a mental note to have a real dinner and some snacks when I got home, kicking out Ed’s relent.
Christian Studies was wonderful tonight. We studied Jesus’ sermon on the mount and talked about what discipleship means in the way of submitting ourselves to Jesus and His will. His name was certainly lifted high and I praise Him for that work in my prof and in those who spoke His truths tonight!
At home, I had a chicken breast, some carrots, berries, and a banana with lots of peanut butter and dates. I am filled up and know this doesn’t give you guys a good basis for my intake, and although by Gods grace I haven’t counted calories for a few weeks, it was definitely above 2500 for today. Praise and thanks be to God for the healthy food I am able to eat and my lessening focus on it.
God Bless you all!

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