Happy Monday all!
The Lord has given us an incredible gift in that through our bodies He works, and that gift is His Holy Spirit. Only by His grace and through His word are what comes from our mouths able to influence anyone. In this, my question– who are you motivating, and what is God using you for?
God through each of us has a will and a way. He has absolutely put on my heart the need to help others struggling with eating disorders, and to reckon to all that the only way to ever recover from any trauma or mental illness is to welcome and live in the Truth and fullness of the Holy One. So who are you motivating, God through you? Who is near you that may look to you as an example, and how is God calling you to share His good news and that HE is the only example?
This Truth is an incredible beginning for what the Spirit might have in you. Recognizing that His life and death are the reason for His Spirit and for our call is major, the greatest revelation. Once we did to the idea that we or this earth has any role in our recovery, we start to see God and we. Start. To. Recover. We are then ready to MOTIVATE others, because Jesus’ joy is infectious and will be seen in those who are with Him. Isn’t that just too exciting?!
Be excited about God using you and working through you to get to more of His people. Whether that be in an eating disorder, an addiction, a minor or a major issue, be expectant of Gods greatness in it. And YoU will not be motivating; others will be motivated by the Spirit, the only motivator.

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