A House without a Home
Holy Spirit, it is my prayer,
That oftentimes, in my despair
You hold me, grip me, come inside,
For your Truth is all that cannot hide.
“Christianity” and “Global Citizenship—“ two meanings?
For Jesus is Truth, and I know that preceding
Are different religions, they’re scattering the earth,
While all I can worship is the Holy One’s birth.
I know beautiful people, all in my midst
That don’t worship THE Saviour, don’t reckon His kiss.
But they’re beautiful just the same, just as perfect and true,
And as John tells us to “love one another,” me and you.
But if I am a Christian, I must reckon one Truth,
All while Satan tries to distort it in his bruiting ruth.
AND, if I am a Christian, that Truth does entail me
To love those who trouble, who taunt, and who fail He.
Many a Christian preach just parts of the Gospel,
We all leave some out, I suppose, I dispel,
But to be both a Christian and a citizen of the world,
Is not hard; in fact, both ideas are swirled.
We must encounter the other, must love him and respect,
That she is of love and therefore God, and my soul she will detect
As the same, one in God, one in intent and heart,
Our prayer be, Holy Spirit, that from you we never part.

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