Hey Hey everybodaaay❤️ Happy After Christmas! Praying you all had great weekends celebrating the Lord’s birth.
Today was a bit of a rough day for recovery. Just been dealing with some unwanted thoughts, giving them up to God but struggling nevertheless. So, in today’s motivation, I thought I’d, for myself and for anyone out there recovering, take a look at some of the things that are SO MUCH BETTER than when I wasn’t eating.
Physical Energy. I can walk without fainting or being dizzy! I have a DESIRE to have fun, go out, and DO things! I can WORK as a hostess without it risking my health.
Mental Energy. I can engage in conversation with people, and love doing so. I can listen and learn and talk and actually have conversation and hear what the other person is saying without calories and carbs consuming my 24/7 starved brain.
God. God can’t work through me if my body isn’t nourished, period.
Relationships. I am falling more and more for my incredible boy Johnny, and in God’s perfect timing I have come together with a man who so beautifully has shown me once again how to glorify God in all that I do. Wouldn’t be possible without recovery– without the Lord’s grace.
Food. I do enjoy food, finally. I like it, and it is more and more becoming normal. A day like today that gave me rushes of anxiety and made me want to spend hours picking apart ingredients and nutrition facts can only make me stronger– my tattoo helps.
School. If I wasn’t eating still, I wouldn’t be at Laurier, at the university that has so massively changed my entire life.
Helping Others. I am so passionate about releasing the stigma surrounding mental illness, and I can’t very well do that if I’m mentally ill myself. I want to be a beacon of hope for others battling eating disorders, and when they say, “How did you do it?” I’ll truly say “God. Give it up to Him.”
Have a fabulous night my loves, and see you tomorrow xx

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