Hey! Merry Christmas Eve and thanks for stopping by❤️.
Today I let the food do the talking– with no pictures. I used to be so food focused that taking photos of what I ate was such a priority, but today I forgot at each meal. This is progress.
Breakfast. I had a late night last night with my amazing man, so I ended up sleeping until 11ish! Read some devotionals, rolled out of bed an hour later, and made oatmeal with dates and blueberries and sunflower seed butter alongside a quest bar.
Lunch. After an episode of glee, trying to catch up on some emails, checking final grades and cleaning my room a bit, I had another quest bar with sunflower seed butter, followed by a grande soy cappuccino at Starbucks with the beautiful Sara, and we had one of the most incredible conversations I’ve ever had. She is such a blessing in my life.
Dinner. Sara worked at 5 and I was meeting my mom and opa for dinner at 5, so we went our separate ways, I to Swiss Chalet. I ordered a chicken teriyaki rice bowl, but Ed kicked in a little and asked for it with no nuts or wontons on top. Still, I ate the whole thing and was definitely full. We had such a wonderful dinner. My opa is the most incredibly kind-hearted man and I am so blessed by him and his wisdom. He was once a student in the same seminary I’m in now, and has always taught me so so much.
Snack. After dinner and a bit of last minute shopping, Sammy and I drove again to Starbucks, blasting Selena Gomez on the way and talking and laughing and her just cheering and brightening my life in every way possible. Daniella, Michael, and Ryan joined us afterward and I just keep thinking about how blessed I am. So many good times, so many memories! When I finally got home, it was 11:30, and I ate some cucumber with sunflower seed butter before getting back to wrapping!
May the joy of Jesus and the fullness of His love be your focus, and anyone battling an eating disorder or any battle be freed from that earthly chain in order to live out His purpose for us. Merry Christmas everyone❤️image

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