Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! Where I am it’s currently 15 Celsius and no snow, and I live in Canada. Kind of wish it was snowing, but can’t complain about the warmth!
Today I want to talk about what Sara and I talked a lot about yesterday, and that’s eating disorder recovery and what it should and can truly look like.

Sara and I… isn’t she lovely?

The answer to “How can I recover,” like the answer to pretty much any question you could ask, is God. That’s the short answer.
When I first met Sara, she came to me having found my blog and asked me how I recovered. Taking on a motherly role, I took her out for dinner and talked to her about the importance of refeeding, truly doing the scariest and unthinkable and eating as much as wanted, realizing that food is not the enemy, the thoughts are. Together over the past eight months, we’ve not only battled our inner demons and disorders side by side, but become best friends, and grown immensely in our faith.
Yesterday we really hashed out the knowledge and Truth that the only One who can lift this disorder from us is God. We have to die to those voices, repent, and pray. We have to die to the worldly things that are holding us down so that we can fulfill our greater purpose.
When we pray and repent and dwell in God’s presence, He moves and works on our hearts. I have seen it, and I am more recovered this day than I have ever been in my life.
On this Christmas Eve and every day, may we rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ, that our lives are because of Him and our purpose to live for Him each day.

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