Happy Hump Day to All!
It is the true hump today, for I have one more paper to write and one more exam before Christmas! So close!
Today was a really solid day of food and days have been more and more like that lately, and less and less filled with good thoughts and disordered lies.
Breakfast. I woke up a little later than I would have liked and panicked at first, having only half an hour to eat. Eating very slowly is something I am working on overcoming– I have a huge fear of eating at anything but turtle pace. I ended up being able to sit at the table with my mom, and just had a quest bar with a big amount of sunflower seed butter, alongside a hot chocolate made with almond milk and stevia. Having the chance to talk with my mom was wonderful.
Lunch. Work today was wonderful! I had a five hour shift, which was for some reason insanely busy for two hours and then completely dead for three, which gave me a lot of time to talk with some of my incredible co-workers! At the end of my shift Rachel made me a veggie stir fry with ham.
Dinner. I bussed to the mall for some Christmas shopping with what turned out to be a bunch of my best girlfriends, and that time was so much needed. We had some wonderful talks and it is great to see so many of the people I love the most at such good places in their lives. I came home to a dinner with just my parents, both my sisters being out, which was great. At the table I ate just a bit of chicken and broccoli but…
Snack. After dinner I made my favourite biggg bowl of oats with blueberries and peanut butter, knowing I needed more food for the day. I also ate a bunch of cucumber and celery! Accompanied by writing a paper for my favourite Christian Studies class, listening to music with my little sister, and watching Friends with my fam. More down time than I’ve had in a while, and it was great.
Feeling incredibly blessed, and encouraged to share more of that in a thoughts post tomorrow. Food is very slowly taking the stance it is meant to in my life– as survival, a simple pleasure, and something for fellowship and nourishment and strength.
See that? So busy in God’s love I forgot to take pictures of my food today. Not bad.

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