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Today was a blessing of a day. I woke up, blasted some gospel music, wrote my theology final, and then met Haylie for David’s Tea and what turned into an unforgettable, beautiful conversation.
We both got hot chocolate lattes, mine soy, of course, and talked and talked and talked. Haylie is one of those rare gems that loves to listen, and is too good at it, and so I always end up talking too much with her. But her voice, her mind folks, is a beautiful place.
We found in each other, I think, a very similar mindset, placed in our minds and on our hearts by the Lord. We talked about our place in this world, the difficulties of approaching non-Christians, and sin’s many mediums. She is and has always been such an angel in my life, and God continues to shine through her to me.
I then saw one of my best friend’s school plays and was like beaming with pride in him, he was so wonderful and is so gifted. His acting chops have improved so much too over the years!
Today was just a very great day. And in the midst of a beautiful day, I often take extra time to thank and praise the Lord. It is in these good times that I am especially reminded that so many around me are struggling; we all struggle. We are all tempted by a sinful world. Prayer never ceases to be a daily necessity, not a “habit” or chore, but something that should bubble out of us, our passion and love for our Lord bursting at the seams, impossible to contain. I pray for each one of you as you journey in your faith with the Lord right beside you.
Thats all I have for you today! Thanks and praise be to Him, and I am personally grateful for the peace I feel tonight.

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