HEY GUYS! Happy Tuesday y’all!
Today, my morning Spanish tut. was cancelled, and I’m skipping my favourite theology class in order to get some papers done. ūüôĀ But I just finished a very daunting one and thought it would be a good time to take a quick break and blog!
Food. I don’t know how many of you follow me on my Instagram, but I’ve recently posted a few photos of my new favourite way to do¬†breakfast: a Quest bar, my homemade cacao Nutella, and berries. SO YUM.
Negative Mantra. I’ve caught myself recently doing something I really strongly disagree with: thinking to myself, Once I get these assignments done, everything will be better. Ah, no. For there are always daunting things in our lives, ALWAYS. We have to make a conscious effort to stand¬†beside God and see the good.
Music. Justin Bieber all day every day. Sorry not sorry.
Weekend Fun. Saturday I went out to Guelph for Maddie’s birthday dinner and really challenged some Ed voices! I ate a steak with sweet¬†potato fries and had a great time getting to know some of her friends,¬†and get a little closer with Rachel, a girl in our Christian Studies class, but mostly to celebrate this extraordinary girl!
Before the¬†End of My Semester… Alright, here’s what I have left in terms of school work! A ten-page theology paper on¬†faith in the public square; a ten page divinity paper on the paradox of citizenship; a Spanish theorem book; a three-pronged proof on the importance of understanding different religions; my Spanish exam, my English exam, and my History exam. But do you know what is so wonderful about all of this work? Through it all, I am TRULY learning and growing and becoming better¬†for what I feel is the first time since being in school, and it’s incredible. I am blessed, and God is good.
Friendship. My friend Laura is someone I’ve danced with since I was a tiny girl, and we used to¬†live¬†on the same street. We’ve never been extremely close, because we hang out with our whole dance¬†group, but¬†we go to uni together and have recently been spending a ton of time together and she is incredible. We really¬†relate on a lot of the same things and she is just so much fun.

Laura’s beside me on the left.

Christmas. I have a final idea of all the shopping I need to do, but I’m thinking now that that shopping trip¬†is going to be a quick trip the weekend before Christmas, because I’ve had no time lately!
Guilt. I recently finally got a cell phone… but I am horrible at using it.¬†I text back days later, especially from Monday-Wednesday,¬†just because I truly hate texting! I want to see people and¬†engage with them in person, ya know? But I think most of my friends get that which is great. Or maybe they all secretly¬†hate me¬†and that wouldn’t be okay.
Family Time. It’s really rare¬†now that all¬†five¬†of us get to be together, but we’re trying to have¬†prayer and Friends/Modern Family time¬†once a week which is great.
Reading. I have no time for pleasure reading anymore, but I’m slowly working my way through John Green’s Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and it’s excellent so far!

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