Good Afternoon and Happy Tuesday!
I love the beginning of the week. But the thing is, I try to think of EVERY day as both a beginning and an ending. We are so much more than the corporate ladder and all that comes with it, and would be far too prideful to think that the world revolves around our beginnings and endings. Today could be your last– are you spending it the way God would want you to? Just some food for thought!
Ed Win. This month, concretely I think my biggest Ed win was that muffin I had last week. That was majorly significant as far as fear food conquering. Mentally, when I look back over this month, I think I have come so much closer to the Lord in the exact meaning that I have been acknowledging just how far I have to go– FOREVER. And ever.
Outfit. Beautiful Haylie gave me this little coat thing from Garage, like can anyone remind me what these are called? I wear it way too often with big scarves.
Food. Yeah, it’s still oatmeal ;). And honestly, that’s okay! Oatmeal and nice cream are my favourite things to eat and that is okay, because I still am gaining variety. And I’ve had so few panic attacks this month.
Excitement. I recently learned that, although I have to get a four year masters degree even after this four year BA, I can get a full time job in ministry once I get this BA. So encouraging!
God Working in My Life. There is a guy named Johnny who has been in my Theology class all semester, but we’ve recently been talking every day and he is incredible and we have both reached a very similar point in our journeys with God’s Word. Crazy to see God working in us and bringing us to meet each other and grow together.
Friends and Family. The value of the incredible people in my life is insurmountable, and no matter how busy I am, I never want to lose sight of that they come second in my life, under the umbrella of my love of the Lord. I am blessed by such wonderful people and have made a lot of memories this month!
The End of an Era. Haylie and I saw the final Hunger Games movie on It’s opening night, and it is the best movie ever. I still can’t stop thinking about it. The two of us have seen all four of the movies on their opening together, and now that it’s over I’m definitely experiencing a bit of post depression. Haylie could not be a more wonderful person in all ways.

Laugh Out Loud. I’m really, really, really horrible at Spanish. Also I was walking through my campus on day last week sipping a hot Starbucks drink with a straw and got a lot of weird looks but couldn’t care less. #defysocialnorms.
Journal. My Oma and IPS gave me this beautiful journal for my birthday and it’s so wonderful for keeping in touch with my thoughts.

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