Hey guys!
Today I thought I’d write about some of my favourite foods, and show you just how easy, delicious, and fun it can be to nourish yourself.
Oatmeal. My favourite combo lately is just plain ol’ oats cooked in cacao almond milk in the microwave, topped with goat milk yogurt, dates, almond butter, and sliced banana. Serious foodgasm.
Nice Cream. Just frozen bananas blended with cacao and blueberries, topped with unsweetened muesli, nut butter, and strawberries.
Coffee. I drink one venti starbucks soy cappuccino every. Single. Day. Topped with cinnamon, it’s the perfect caffeine boost.
Sandwiches. I’m really enjoying some more variety and have learned I love sandwiches! I’ve been making ones on sprouted grain bread with sliced turkey, vegan mayo, spinach, sprouts, cucumber.
Cereal. AGH I love cereal. I’ve been eating nature’s path cinnamon flakes with almond milk, sliced banana, peanut butter, and blueberries almost every day.
Fruit & Veggies with PB. I love sliced banana, apple, cucumbers, and carrots with natural peanut butter; peanut butter makes everything better obviously!
Stir Fries. Again, something scary! I’ve been making brown rice, sprout, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and carrots stir fry with chicken breast tossed in grapeseed oil with a bunch of herbs.
Salads. I literally love eating GIANT (I mean like from giant serving bowls) salads with just tons of chopped non-starchy veggies, one starch like sweet potato or chickpeas, and lean meant with a paleo dressing.
Sweet Toasts. Sprouted Grain toast with nut butter and banana. Nuff said.

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