Ah I really don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared for all that is want to get out in this post so bear with me.
Breakfast. So for breakfast I had a new cereal, this cinnamon buckwheat stuff, with peanut butter, almond milk, sliced banana, and blueberries. Sooooo good. I ate it while surfing instagram with some tea in my new mug before work.
IMG_20151019_102050Lunch. Work was really good today; it was just one of those good days. I felt like I did my job well, socialized a lot with customers and my co-workers, it was just good. Midway through my shift I ate a dry piece of whole wheat toast. One of my favourite cooks named Sheena always makes my oatmeal for me, and she calls me Mermaid Hair. She is honestly such a doll and makes my day. She inspires me to make others’ days.
Anyway, Sheena made me oatmeal with berries for lunch before I rushed for the bus to school.
IMG_20151014_142527Snack. I stopped outside Booster Juice to pick up a quest bar, knowing I needed more food and more variety. It hit the spot! I ate it on my walk to the seminary, where Maddie, Bethany, Mary, Rodney and I ran our second worship service, which was beautiful. We led discussions on how God calls us every day, and it was so personal for me. Throughout the service, as I often find myself doing in church, I was counting calories. So specifically, too. Thinking about food. Fearing so strongly that little wafer dipped in wine that I would have to eat in a bit. God stopped me short every time and said PRAY. Focus on me and stop listening to this worldly disorder who knows nothing. I prayed to the God that I love and stomped on the eating disorder that I don’t.
Dinner. Maddie, Bethany and I hadn’t finished our readings for our 7pm lecture, so we read and talked and laughed over dinner. I picked up a new salad from Starbucks, which was really good!
IMG_20151021_180758Snack. Class was awesome, as always. This is definitely my favourite class of the week! I asked a lot of my big questions tonight and got so many answers, but I think I’ll save all that for a thoughts post, maybe tomorrow! Katrina drove me home and as always we laughed and blasted country music the whole way. She is an awesome person. I am currently snacking on some oatmeal with peanut butter and cacao powder and blueberries as it was all the sounded good right now.
Awesome day! Blessed and grateful and feel like my food intake has improved, though I know it still needs to be higher. God Bless always!

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