Hey guys!!
What’s going on? Today was the last official day of frosh, because tomorrow is my first ever day of university classes.
I cannot express how much I am LOVING uni life.
At the end of the day Monday, I realized that I had barely thought about food all day. Tuesday was the same. I was so caught up in all the amazing people I’ve met, my program, exploring my campus, and going to parties! Who’s got time for Ed when there’s so much to be excited about?!
Breakfast. Today was the first day I decided not to head to school early, because I was out reeeeally late last night, so I slept in and woke up leisurely. My sister’s best friend had slept over and I made them pancakes, while I had a giant bowl of naked oats with blueberries, cacao, and peanut butter at like 11:30 am.
IMG_20150909_102701_editLunch. I spent the morning catching up on school emails, working on recipes, reading, making plans, organizing my notebooks, packing for my retreat this weekend! I was meeting up with Daniella at 3 and it crept up extremely fast! Knowing I needed something before I met her, I had a Quest bar and a glass of unsweetened almond milk while I read some of the third Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Dinner. I hadn’t seen Daniella since our dinner date Sunday, but any time apart for us feels like forever. We couldn’t stop talking, and had so much to tell each other about our different uni lives! Three hours later I had to bus to school, and immediately met up with Laura and a girl named Cassia, who also went to Huron. We walked around the campus, met and talked to tons of new people and some friends we’d made in the past few days, and ended up in our favourite lounge. Laura and I relate in so many ways and always end up just wanting to talk for forever.
We ended the night at the frosh carnival, but since we both have to wake so early tomorrow for the activity fair and we’re so tired from yesterday we left pretty early and Laura drove me home. I got home at 11 and realized I really needed more food. I made another giant bowl of oats the same as this morning’s breakfast.
This day of food may seem a little disordered, and I do know I need more, but honestly, I ate what I wanted to eat and wasn’t stressed about food at the end of the day that’s what matters. I am so excited by life. I feel so vibrant and myself. I’m working hard, and I can’t wait to continue to share my experiences.

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