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So. I was originally going to write this post about something else, but my plan for this Thursday series was to really write about what has been consuming my thoughts most of all that I feel would be beneficial to rant about, and lately that has been the world of High Carb Low Fat Veganism.
There are a lot of YouTubers who inspire me in their quests to help others transition to HCLF Veganism and I have a lot of trouble watching these videos and not feeling like I should be vegan. So many of these people are recovered from debilitating eating disorders much like mine and give me guilty feelings when I eat fat or animal products.
I agree with a lot of the nutrition information preached by HCLF vegans, but what can sometimes bother me is when these are talked about as if facts.
Plenty people are not vegan, and yet thin/do not get unnatural bloating from the very high amount of carbs. Animals have been eaten since biblical times. ANIMALS eat animals. Veganism is something I think about often, but that would be restrictive and counter-productive for me.
There are also a few vegan advocates who claim to have had anorexia nervosa, and yet still preach about restricting fats. The fact that they are talking about 3000+ calories is great, but there is a lot of talk about only being able to eat this amount if you are 80/10/10, which is so untrue. It is natural for our bodies to take in 2500+ calories of whatever we crave, and this has been proven healthy by so many people. Also, sometimes these comments are along the lines of, “Yes, I used to restrict my calories to less than 500, aka I was anorexic.”
No. The definition of a debilitating eating disorder is not CALORIE RESTRICTION. Eating disorders are complex NEUROLOGICAL disorders, mental illnesses, that cause a person to cope with external issues by means of manipulating their bodies with food. People diagnosed with these illnesses don’t “get” the illness, but rather were predisposed to it. Anyone on the planet can try to restrict their calories. That is not an eating disorder.
I am not in any way trying to insult vegan lifestyles. In fact, I think they’re fantastic and am happy for anyone passionate about them. I just think that they are tied into eating disorder recovery too often through social media. The issue is that a person trying to recover from an actual eating disorder can be triggered into eating much differently. 10% fat could translate to absolutely zero fat, fully raw could mean restriction. Every eating disorder brain works differently, but all harm rather than help.
One day I might consider looking at full Veganism again– but it would have no ties to my eating disorder.

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