I have been insanely sick for three days, but I always end up needing to be very active when I’m sick. I just feel better and cannot stand spending much time at home!
Breakfast. I started my morning at the dentist, and then met up with Haylie and Chloe for breakfast at Cora, where I work. I forgot to take a picture, but I had oatmeal with berries.
Lunch. We had such an awesome time at breakfast catching up, and then bussed downtown where Chloe and I had an appointment to get our belly buttons pierced!

It hurt, but only for about 5 seconds ;)
It hurt, but only for about 5 seconds 😉

This is a big deal for Chloe and I because we said we’d do this the past TWO summers, but just haven’t. Chloe’s looks amazing too, and we freaked out and fan girled after.
She and Haylie truly feel like sisters to me.
She and Haylie truly feel like sisters to me.

We went to the mall afterwards and didn’t shop, because we couldn’t stop talking! When I got home, I had an extremely late lunch, or I guess TV snack, of carrots with sun butter, a quest bar, and a homemade almond milk coffee.
Dinner. I originally had dinner plans with a friend, but I came home feeling even sicker and almost like I was going to puke and with no appetite, and I’m meeting up with Daniella later to put the finishing touches on Kodie’s birthday gift! Kira had was able to pick up a work shift and we rescheduled for Friday. I think it’s healthy for me to watch some Masterchef every once in awhile, especially when I have a fever! For dinner I made myself cacao banana pb baked oats.
And there you have it! Hoping to wake up a little less under the weather tomorrow!

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