For some reason I feel as though it has been so long since I sat down to blog, but I love setting aside four days a week to let my thoughts out and hopefully reach out to someone.
Today I want to talk about food– more specifically, what I think food should be, and how to motivate it yourself to make it that.
I spent years hating my body. I picked every inch of it apart each day. This was when I had Night Eating Disorder, a binge eating subtype that caused me to eat tens of thousands of calories in the wee hours of the night, then obsessively try to count them.
It was a horrific part of my life. Food had lost all its enjoyment.
Food is meant for two things.
1) Fuel. Yup, we need it to live. We need it for nourishment. And we need lots of it! Think about all the things we do in a day, and all the energy we need for those things. We get that from food. In this way, food is for the body. When we think about it this way, we want to nourish ourselves with foods that make us feel good and that will allow us to do the things we want to do.

Mmm, breakfast with the stunning sara a few days ago.
Mmm, breakfast with the stunning sara a few days ago.

2) Enjoyment. Yeah, we get to enjoy food, too. And here’s a tip: if you’re not enjoying it, don’t eat it.
One of the things I am most passionate about is that every eating experience should be enjoyed. Don’t eat something *just* because it’s “healthy” for you, such tuna on dry toast (boooooring). Also, don’t eat something out of boredom, or if you feel guilty while eating it– food should never be associated with guilt.
I spent two years with an eating disorder that forced me to eat piles of food that I didn’t want. Then I spent half a year with the idea of eating anything provoking anxiety and pain beyond belief.
Now, I just want to enjoy each eating experience, which is why I am so passionate about one day opening a cafe that encourages nourishing and delicious food satisfying both body and soul.
This is all motivation to love yourself. Love every inch of yourself and who you are and let food come into your life in a happy way. If you do that, your body will do just what it needs to.
Stay passionate and stay hungry!

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