After what felt like a very quick 6 hour trip, I’m home, and very ready to see friends and make the most of the last bit of summer.
Today I let the food do the talking, and I’m proud to say I definitely had some ED wins in today’s eats.
Breakfast. We woke up at 8:30 and did the last of the packing, and an hour later I had a breakfast at the cottage. ED planned on a small mug of buckwheat flakes with coconut milk, because he thinks eating that early makes a person “bigger and less appealing for the rest of the day.”
Cassie thinks that bullshit.
I spent a lot of time this morning frustratingly trying to tap into my true hunger cues and block out Ed’s wants, and in doing so I found that I was REALLY hungry. Sometimes it takes a lot of concentration to realize that I need to eat. I probably still didn’t eat enough, but I had a piece of gluten free toast with peanut butter in addition to the mug of cereal.
We were on the road by 11 and I drank two black coffees. I’m addicted.
Lunch. We arrived home at around 4:30 and though I slept for a lot of the car ride, I was still tired! Not tired enough, though, to watch the new Masterchef and eat a giiaaant bowl of oatmeal with cacao powder, sun butter, and blueberries.
Dinner. After catching up texting friends and on Bachelor in Paradise, I settled on a piece of rye toast with bacon and celery. Weird and a little ed-driven, but it got the job done.
Snack. The whole day, I was extremely excited to see Daniella. She picked me up as soon as she got off work and we drove to Starbucks and just talked and laughed for hours. I love this woman to the ends of the earth. I drank a venti soy cappuccino.
I’ve already tidied so much up in my mind and soul and life since I’ve gotten home and it feels good. I’m going upward and Ed’s not bringing me down!

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