The beautiful Sara and I had plans to go to the beach today. Being the forgetful person I am, I forgot that I had therapy at 4 o clock, so a beach two hours away would not work out. Instead of having a do nothing day, we made an adventure of our own city, and found a beach just 15 minutes away from our houses, called Holiday Beach.
IMG_20150730_134550 We had a beautiful day, talking about really thought-provoking things, relating even deeper than we already do, swinging on swings, doing yoga on the beach, swimming in a beautiful pond, and sun bathing. We spent the car ride home singing at the top of our lungs to High Valley, went to our individual therapy sessions– Sara booked one, too– and met up again for cafe blogging.IMG_20150730_145706
On beach days, and in all aspects of life, it is not difficult to make the most of what may seem like a hindering situation.
Sara has shown me this in the six months I’ve known her. I have seen her cruel disorder knock her down, and she herself always finds a way to learn something or challenge herself.
We both thought and talked a lot today about this. God often tests us in ways that we don’t perceive as testing but as punishment. In every storm, there is sunshine to follow. I truly believe that prayer, faith, and commitment to God brings new and abundant life.
It took years of cruel eating disorders for me to appreciate and love my body. Tears and heartache were involved in the end of a relationship that I now know was not right. And in every trial with my eating disorder, I am able to help a beautiful, selfless, and talented soul, and give her advice. And this moment is pure bliss.

She's workin on her own brilliant blog.
She’s workin on her own brilliant blog.

As humans, we have a tendency to be impatient. We want good things now. We don’t want to suffer any crap. But would any of the highs of our lives, the love and passion and adventure, be anywhere near as appreciated without the struggles, the bad days, and the cracks in the glass?
Last night, I was pretty disappointed when I remembered my therapy appointment. Tonight, I’m looking back on a blessing of a day.
Let it be. How will you take on your next trial?
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