Well hey there? Once again it’s technically Friday, but I am really feeling the late night blogging lately, and am often too busy during the day!
Today I wanted to rant a bit about atmosphere. This is something my best friend Daniella and I talk about 24/7. It seriously comes into conversation, like, extremely often.

Lunch at The Works.
Lunch at The Works.

Daniella and I have funny conversations about how, no, we can’t eat in Pita Pit because it doesn’t have good atmosphere, and it’s funny how much we agree on these things. Meanwhile, Starbucks is a perfectly suitable place to eat in.
Again, when we talk about it, we both end up agreeing that in the end, it’s the people that make the place. Atmosphere has so much to do with the people you’d expect to meet in a certain place, and I think there’s something so wonderful about a little coffee shop, the sense of homemade goodness, all those sorts of things.
We always have the biggest smiles on our faces when we’re around each other. Honestly, I could say that for so so many people in my life. I’m councelling today, I talked about how I have certain incredible relationships that make my eating disorder almost disappear. It is those relationships, my councillor reminded me, that I want to keep. That I deserve, and that are going to move me forward in life. Those relationships are ones that I have the opportunity to make something great out of. We can gain so much perspective just by trying to see things in the eyes of another, and I love that idea in itself.
Atmosphere is good. People are better.

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