Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday features a close friend of mine, by the name of Natalie Kuhl (that’s pronounced COOL, and she is). I’ve talked about her in several posts, and she was the first new person I met in freshman year of high school, or ninth grade, as we Canadians put it. Natalie is a dedicated, kind-hearted soul, and we are alike in many ways. In any case, today we’ll be splitting our current top ten to create a surefire list.
Outfit. I’ve been slightly obsessed with polka dots. I have so many polka dotted clothing items, and I think I’ve been overdoing it lately.
Hangout. Dates. I love days that are spent very much like my day today has been! Cute, intimate dates, chatting with people. Natalie and I got breakfast this morning, and are now blogging in her kitchen. Relaxing, but with good company, is vital, especially in the summer.
Change. I ombred– wow, that word looks really odd– my hair! I’ve been talking about dyeing my hair for so long, but this is the first time I’ve actually done it, and I’m quite happy with it! TAKE RISKS.
Mantra. “Follow Christ, and everything else will come.” This is truly such a simple task that we as humans, and therefore sinners, complicate. But, it’s something I remind myself of every single day. It is remarkably true.
Ending. I finished Orange is the New Black! Verdict: Season 3 was my least favourite, but I LOVE Ruby Rose (who doesn’t, though?). I also am really disliking Piper, and growing more fond of many of the characters that I used to not like as much (Red, Alex, Pennsatucky). My favourite thing about this show is that I generally fall in love with the prisoners and hate the guards, and I think that’s a very clever metaphor on many aspects of life.
Relationships. Lately (as always) I’ve been so thankful for those I love. I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet (wow, that sounds pretty cheesy…or “gouda” as Cassie and I would say) to have been blessed with the people in my life. One of those wonderful human beings is the author of this blog, Cassie Wolfe. She’s selfless, kind, and honestly like a sister to me, and we always have such a great time together. I’m so lucky to have also, my boyfriend Kodie Williams — funny, charming, endlessly supportive and generous. Also is my beautiful family, who is there for me through everything; among so many others.
Expression. I’ve always loved writing, how one can easily paint a picture with just a few words on paper. Lately I’ve also been getting into sketching simple drawings, and this in itself is so relaxing. Expression in general, through whatever medium I choose, just keeps my creativity going and I’ve loved the chance to enjoy it more during the summer.
Song. “Hit the Road” by Waterloo Revival. It’s a country song (I owe my obsession with country music to Cassie, of course) that talks about jumping in the car, choosing a random place and just driving away to find adventure with someone you love, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.
Travel. This year I’ve been given the opportunity to travel so much. I went down South with my family, toured Italy with some of my best friends and a group over March Break, and went to Chile for a mission trip with a class at my school (and, it turned out, Kodie too). I have gained a thirst and appreciation for travel and have learned so much through these trips. I’m so very grateful for this.
Word. Nostalgia. I almost want to get a tattoo of this word, I love it so much. To me, it means the happy feeling you get when you look back and remember all the things you’ve done, places you’ve been, people you’ve met and moments that have happened. I am constantly nostalgic, and it has become a way to help me look back and be joyful with all I’ve experienced, yet also use this joy to have more wonderful experiences in the future.
I want to thank Cassie for giving me the opportunity to write on her blog, it’s been refreshing and fun and honestly makes me want to write my own!

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