Today is our last full day in Nashville TN and I have to say I am extremely reluctant to leave. This place truly feels like home, and, if it’s even possible, I am even more in love with country music.
My thoughts about the world have been running wild. It is crazy to me that every day I have lived in little Kitchener Ontario, Nashville is bustling about. And while Nashville is busy, so is New York City, and Venice Italy, and Tokyo Japan, and masses of people lead such diverse lives with unique mindsets.
Everyone experiences life so differently, and the size of the earth boggles my mind! At the same time, it is a speck of dust. So, what does that make me?
I find all of this information so humbling. I think that traveling offers amazing perspective that only comes from self reflection and personal experience. One has to delve into all this on their own and commit to soaking it in.

Imagine Dragons!
Imagine Dragons!

I think we can look at this and take multiple lessons from it. For one thing, our everyday problems are really, really miniscule. But our chance to change others’ lives? The masses of people on this earth? Wow. That’s HUGE.
It is humbling to know how insignificant I am. It also begs the question, why am I here? I truly believe I, and all of us, are made to make differences and impact the lives of others in unique ways.
When I struggle with food, I remind myself that I need it to fuel me, to energize this life journey. That’s it.
I am pretty darned blessed.
And I’m taking downtown Nashville back to Kitchener with me.

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